Why am I wiped out by 3100 hp enemies? What am i doing wrong?

I am in platina, often getting nice results against higher enemies.

I am a 3440.
I’m using from left to right Wu Kong 4-55, Zeline 3-55, BT 4-70, Magni 3-52 and Sartana 3-49.

Very often my opponents fire specials after i just fired 3x. Is the difference my opponents have more 4* maxed out and must i level to 3-70 for all my 5*?
Is BT not tank enough? Do i have too many hitters?

My bench:

Red: Colen 4-34, Marjana 2-48, Azlar 2-39, Khagan 1-40, Helena 1-1, Lancelot 1-34, scarlett 1-1
Green: Elkanen 1-1, Lianna 1-1, Skittlehead 1-1, Kashrek 1-1, Caedmon 4-40, Melandor 1-1
Blue: Richard 1-38, Alasie 1-11, Master Lepus 1-1, Sonya 4-44 Grimm 1-31, Kiril 1-29,
Yellow: Li Xiu 3-60, Leonidas 1-40, Delilah 3-22, Guardian Jackal 4-50, Guardian owl 1-1, Hu Tao 1-1
Purple: Rigard 4-14, Aeron 1-31, Obakan 1-1, Merlin 1-33, tiburtus 1-4, Cyprianus 1-1, Sabina 1-1.

Am i playing tactics totally wrong and should i replace wu kong by Guardian Jackal?
What would be a nice lineup for me? Or how should average tactics be regarding making a team? Am i working on the wrong heroes?

In general, 4* at 4-70 will be stronger that 5*s at 3-70. I see you have a lot of heroes partially leveled (Wu Kong, Colen, Caedmon, Sonya, Jackal, and Rigard specifically). I think you’ll see better results if you max out these heroes and then work on only one of each color at a time. I also highly recommend color stacking on raids if you can. Try to run 2 heroes of the color which is strong against the tank, since this drastically increases win rate. You’ve got a good roster and a lot of potential, so keep at it!


Max out the 5 you are using first. Then work on the next one of each color. I would work on Sonya, Colen, Jackal, Rigard and Caedmon next. They’re all relatively close to max. That will give you 2 4* 4/70 of each color, with a good mix of hitters, healers, buffers, debuffers, dispellers, cleansers, and mana controllers.

Then tailor your team to your opponent. Red tank? Bring 2 blue hitters. Buffer like Ares or Bold? Bring a dispeller like Sonya. Debuffer or damage over time, like Colen? Bring a cleanser like Rigard.

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Red - Scarlet 3.60, Colen 4.70, Marjana 2.60 Scarlet 4.70, Marjana 3.70 in this order
Green - Melandor 3.60, Zeline 3.70, Caedmon 4.70, Melandor 4.70, Zeline 4.80 or Lianna 2.60
Blue - Grimm 3.60, Kiril 3.60, Grimm 4.70, Kiril 4.70, SOnya 4.70, Magni 3.70, Aliase 3.70
Yellow - Wu 4.70, Jackal 4.70, Delilah 3.70, Delilah 4.80 or Leonidas 2.60
Purple - Rigard 4.70, Tiburtus 3.60, Merlin 3.60, Tiburtus 4.70, Merlin 4.70, Aeron 3.70

This will likely help you with titans/raids/war

Thanx all for your comments. I’ll have lots of work to do :smiley:


I know how you feel. It is a grind to get everyone leveled. I am going through that now. Having to choose who I want after I finish one.

It will take some time but once I started focusing on 1 of each color I have seen a big change.

I use left to right Joon (3-70), Grimm (maxed), BT (4-63), Rigard (4-46), Caedmon (maxed)

Great advice on here already, just want to clear some things up… Color stacking takes some getting used to and practice and it does not increase your chances at winning, it increases your attacking power for the color you’re stacking by combining the attack damage from each of the heroes of the same color you’re using. So the tiles will carry greater damage when they hit your opponent and thus kill him/her faster. The trade-of is that the the color you aren’t using will essentially have zero damage. Many believe this is worth it, I do too, even though some times you’ll fail miserably. That’s ok.

This offense relies heavily on Wu and Zeline primarily, and Magni/Sartna second. You essentially hope that you don’t get killed (Zeline) too soon and that (Wu) the tiles help you kill them faster. A minor issue with this is that #1 you’re heroes are not maxed and so they still die relatively quickly as you’re not exploiting their full potential and #2 it’s hard to use these two strikers (Margin/Sartana) efficiently as they have a chance to miss, so they become unreliable and can cause you some raids. There is nothing wrong with this strategy if you and can create multiple matches, diamonds with the tiles which is where you’ll cause the bulk of the damage. So make sure you are practicing sending a bunch of tiles at a time, mainly in combos.

If you’re going to fire Magni/Sartana I suggest you always follow it up with tiles as a safety next in case your striker misses you’ll still cause some damage. Plus, I find it a good habit to get into as you’re always trying to inflict as much damage as possible…

BT is a very able as a tank in Platinum, maybe not the best, but able. Specially as he stacks with Wu. But he just doesn’t give you the healing bonus (27%) like say, Rigard, Sabina or Melendor (42%) so that’s one thing to consider. Back in platinum I was hugely successful using a similar team, Wu/Zeline/Marjana or BT/Magni/Rigard, and I would work combos as much as possible as soon as Wu was charged. Many times I didn’t even need Magni.

Lastly. I wouldn’t worry about working on 5s so much. Not until you have all the materials you have to take them to their final tier. Focus on one or two key 4s at a time until they are maxed. This might seem like a chore at times but trust me you wont regret it because once they are maxed you’ll be able to use them time and time again…

Anyway, just some food for thought and happy raiding. Oh, winning streaks are just as common as losing streaks. It’s not just you…


join the Line PvP channel and learn by watching :smiley:
You’re tryng to use Wu with a rainbow team like that…
Plus Colen should be in there

Thank you all for your information. :smiley: