Why am I paying- Told I need Tarlak to finish Season 2- never mind, success!

Normal or hard mode?



Did it on normal mode.


Good for you and thanks for posting it for we “normal” players who don’t have all those fancy heroes everyone else is using :grin:


Excellent effort!
Taking down the “BİG CHEESE” with a 4* team. Just shows it can be done for those lacking 5* heroes.


There actually is a certain hero needed to finish all of the map stages.

You can’t finish neither normal nor hard without Aife.

No food, no loot, no root.
Everyone needs Aife.


True enough, my Lianna is probably 60% Aife (you are what you eat).


Someone had mentioned Tarlek. And I do not want to criticize this member in any way, because they are always very helpful to everyone. I think it was more just miscommunication and that was the hero that had worked for them :blush:

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This was hard mode. Sorry I have no advice for 4*. Sure there are others here that would :blush:

Hard mode might be a challenge for a 4* team… guess I’ll find out soon :wink: Normal mode went smooth with Wilbur, the two 4* riposters, and two healers.


Can you tell me who else you used? I’m getting close and trying to figure out a good team!


Don’t listen to others. They are more screwed up than they seem to be…lol jk.

Should be no problem to finish the s2 with the right combination. I am on Wu+5 emblem, Rigard, Wilbur+1, Caedmon+6 and Li Xiu+1.
Mana pot, Health potion, axes and bombs.
Mana pot for charging Rigard, Caedmon to remove the reflective yellow and Li Xiu for the mana control. Pumped the yellow tiles when Wu is charged as Ursula will auto dispel from time to time. There are only 2 tiles that matter most. Purple for Rigard to keep the team alive and yellow for most damage.
Rigard and Li Xiu being the last hero standing.

@Ian487 was right. 4 * Riposte in Boril or Cyprian will be an advantage but I don’t have either.

And a motivation for you to go for it…



I’ve done both NM and HM with Boldtusk 11 - Mother North 3 - Aegir 3 - Proteus 9 - Wu Kong 7. Not only Ursula, but all the other stages as well with this comp or small variations of it.

Tarlak? Well, I wish… Wu Kong does the job in Atlantis just fine.


You sure emblemed up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ha! My 4* heroes survived. It just took a while… Sigh*


Well, more emblem for Wu to last the titan battles and a simple one for Wilbur and Li, for the withstand talent.
I really wish I had Tarlak too!

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You can do this with tc20 hero’s, and if you happen to have Proteus, it’s a (quite long) walk in the park. I actually had bigger problems on the second last stage (until I brought mana control). If only my Atomos was something remotely close to the one we face there…


Haha, that’s a nice lineup!

I used Wilbur Alby Buddy Eve BT a couple of hours ago with no mats or pots needed.

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Boldtusk+9, Boril+8, Wilbur+8, Cyprian+7, Sabina+8. Medium and large mana potions, timestops and tornados. You could swap Sabina for Melendor or Rigard. If you use this team you should keep in mind that using Boril and Cyprian with Wilbur is tricky, Wonderful Feast tends to interfere with Riposte, by boosting your defense sky high and lowering the riposte damage a lot. Ursena has a cleansing cycle, removing all your active boosts every 5 turns. You should sync her mana bar so that it fills up just after that cycle is complete so it will cleanse away Wonderful Feast and cast both ripostes right after that so Ursena will cast her special on it and hurt herself badly. Then use the healers and repeat the procedure.


For normal (left to right) I used (all 4/80, no emblems):


Brought in the big items (Time stop/Tornado/Large Mana/Mid Mana) and used none. Should be able to do hard this week before the next challenge event.

I finished hard with Rigard Lianna Onatel Hansel Joon.

It gets hard towards the end and the last stage is no joke. I actually spent gems (175) for the first time ever to keep going. In the end the rewards were worth it and I finished it.