Why am I being punished?

So last week my Google account was hacked, and Google locked my account. I wasn’t able to get into any games. I have to prove to Google who I was by uploading bank statements, photo ID, Social Security card and pic of me hold the day newspaper… After all that Google, finally give my account access back and acknowledged my account had been hacked… But when I logged into the game this is what I came back too… Why am I being punished for something I didn’t do?


I recommend that contacting support directly via a support ticket might go further to advancing your cause.

Sorry to hear of the frustration - what a bother!


Follow this thread please.

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Really? Are u serious? I hope you are joking!

I have helped people recovered hacked accounts and or hacked playstores…
Never had to provide such information!

Yes we had to prove ownership thats about it.

Nope not kidding, took me a week too prove and reprove my identity… And thanks for all the advice, its a huge help and start.


I think the issue here is that @Khaleesi01 has had her request for help rejected by SG support. They seem to think that she has been engaging in nefarious activities (gem fraud) when she has, in fact, had her account hacked (as Google have attested to).

Giving the benefit of the doubt right? I for one am skeptical but we all deserve the benefit of the doubt… I for sure would hate to be on her shoes.

At any rate a support ticket should be in order with the prove that her account got hacked and I am sure SG would make it right.

@Kerridoc @Rook

Unless SG is holding information and indeed can prove it was her. I am sure there must be a pattern.

@Khaleesi01 Try it one more time?

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see heading


Not discussing any account here, but a classic premium currency con is to use login info to “give user discount gems” or “evaluate your Pokémon IVs”, trash the account, then have a dummy company send spam offering to sell them an already leveled account.

Account buying

Often people will by an account, get banned then sell the banned account to someone using outdated screenshots.

Time share

Additional some users share login info so they do not waste energy while asleep or miss war/ Titan.

Ex-relationship MMO account Revenge

Basically an Ex- hacks you account, violates TOS. This can be very hard to clear your name.


As others have recommended, this is not an issue that is appropriate for the forum. This is a player-led discussion group; individual issues can only be resolved using the in-game support tickets.


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