Why am i being charged sales tax for gems

I have purchased for over 10 months randomly and today when k fo to purchase it gets declined before I find out I’m being charged sales tax???

I also tried remove my credit card from my account logged back out of the game and it still keeps showing my last 4 of my Visa even though I removed it

Where are you from? Different places have different tax regulations on games aka entertainment tax or any other tax.

I’m from the u.s. never been charged any tax before and I called Google and they tried to blame it on small giant. I want answers and I want them sooner than later

I tried to provide screenshots but the game went remove my Visa information if the screen

where in the us or where is ur credit card address to. no need to tell everything but the were some laws/tax passed just this pass month that could be the reasons.


ok finally have screen shots

Iowa’s the state my card is registered too. if they charging sales tax that’s last straw

let’s see some speed on this like there is when I get flagged for saying stuff about FTP players complaining

judging by the math it looks definitely a 6% tax somewhere.

and this is being charged to a a Google card not an credit card

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Sales tax collection is a function of your jurisdiction. In the US, Google takes responsibility for meeting the tax requirements of the local jurisdictions. In other countries, the tax (sales, GST, VAT, etc) is directly included in the in-game price shown. In those places, I assume that means that SG is responsible for accounting for and distributing the collected taxes.

If you don’t like the tax rate for online purchases in your state, that’s really something you’ll need to take up with your state.

Here’s Google’s page on the subject:



I’m not stupid I know the laws. I have never been charged tax before today. so someone needs to explain that why in 10 months today I all of a sudden get taxed. if there was a policy updated or added they should have informed someone

Google is your friend:

“The new sales tax law does not go into effect until Jan. 1, 2019.”

“These provisions will only be applied from Jan. 1, 2019, onward. The Iowa Department of Revenue will not seek to impose tax liability prior to Jan. 1, 2019, for online retailers whose only obligation to collect Iowa sales tax comes from these new laws,” the department said in its statement.

Also, again, this is something Google collects in the US. SG has nothing to do with it. If you’re upset that Google didn’t warn you, I’d contact them.


Remember the names that voted this tax to happen. Vote them out.

tyvm for tha information I have not purchased anything in a while but I ront see how they can tax gift cards?? those can be bought anywhere

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NP man. I know stuff like this can be frustrating. I really don’t know how Google figured out where the purchase occurred. I could speculate, but it really would just be guessing.

Each state in the US has specific provisions for what kinds of purchases are taxed. In Iowa, apparently gift cards get taxed. Even though it could have been bought anywhere in theory, you did in fact buy it in Iowa, right? If so, then it’s correct to tax it there.

AKA tax the fun out of everything.

Like most political questions, there are a lot of opinions on the costs and benefits of taxation. My .02 worth is that we probably should steer clear of opening up that debate in a bugs and issues thread :slightly_smiling_face:


Because laws (and their enforcement) change. All the time.

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