Why, all of a sudden, are the beta testers being trashed?


The advantage they are referring to is the challenge event. Being able to use unlimited flags to test different strategies in beta and then use that knowledge in the live game is unfair to the rest of the players. The other complaints are pretty baseless, but this specific one is very valid


So all the players that rank are in beta?


I agree. I’m also questioning how significantly you can benefit from the knowledge in beta. For one thing, if you are in beta, you should know better than anybody that the beta heroes / monsters / events / etc. are likely to change, so you won’t be betting the bank on that info.

Knowing early that an amazing looking HOTM is due out in December might tip you off not to give your tonics to a different hero earlier. (Hint: Evelyn is supposed to be the final 5th color specific defense debuffer, and the December HOTM)

I’m NOT In beta, and I’ve known this ‘fact’ for well over a month. And I chose to give my tonics to Tarlak anyways, rather than waiting.

I’m guessing that the majority of players aren’t sitting on a 5* green hero ready for final ascension, and all the ascension materials needed.

Maybe there are other advantages I’m unaware of / unable to imagine, but I’m failing to any advantage except that you can test new heroes out with your existing team before you acquire and level them up. (Which is worth something, I will admit.)


The challenge event is always the same. New heroes make no difference, beta tested or not. Just a matter of knowing how to use them. I finished Teltoc today with mostly 4*s, because I learned how to use them.
Beta testers have no advantage, their job, so to speak, is to help the Devs, not themselves


The debate is not about finishing. It is about placing in the top 10


For one, no one is forcing them to be testers, they do it at their own will so let’s not make them seem like these poor innocent people.

As a former beta tester I can say this, the top alliances have the last word, believe me. If you’re from a random alliance you really don’t do anything and your opinion does not matter. It’s understandable why people don’t like them

Ontop of that they destroy heroes that come out, countless of times the original heroes that SG releases are turned to trash after them, ex. Aegir lol


I can’t agree with this at all. While there have been leaks in the past they are not from huge or top 10 alliance members so this statement can be debunked.

I do agree with Aegir being trash though lol




As a former beta tester…


Go look at the war team of the 1st overall in legendary in beta and in live and tell me there was no strategizing… As of this writing they are identical almost down to troop levels… Argue all you want but event strategy for TOP placement is the one place Beta has a real, quantifiable, advantage…


I debated whether to comment or not but here I go.

I was just recently added to the beta group. I’m happy to have an opportunity to assist in making a game I enjoy better. Thank you SGG for this opportunity.

I observed a lot of feedback recently in my first and only beta testing opportunity. I saw some things get tweaked up. I saw some things get tweaked down. The feedback was to try to optimize the game and I was rather impressed. Had this not been done, I’m sure there would have been complaints that so-and-so is too weak and what’s-their-name is too strong. Is it going to be perfect? No! But it’s better thanks to the beta testers.

I also observed that this was very time consuming. I still played my account as I have goals to meet and heroes to improve. I still have time with my family and I still have to work and I still have to sleep. Doing the beta testing at times seemed like work but I did it any way. I won’t have these heroes on my account and my never have all but it was a pleasure to do this task for the whole community.

I won’t argue and say there is no advantage. Beta testers did try out the event so they know what’s coming (neglecting any changes that may or may not happen). That said, these events run for a long time. Any advantage erodes fast in my opinion.

In closing, I’m glad to be able to help improve this game. I am not in a top alliance nor am I a top player but I do understand it and represent a good portion of the population here. I believe my input was heard and hope that others can benefit from what I offered. And I can also testify that others in the beta room were actively making comments to improve the game as well. It’s a pleasure to assist with this people, even though my main account gets absolutely nothing for my efforts.


I’m not talking about leaks?

I said that if people want something changed it’s top alliances that are in beta who have the final say


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This, to me, is the only real “advantage” but only with the new special event and Season 2 heroes. Everyone knows the cycle for HOTM, so they can piece together on November 20 it’s likely worth waiting 10 more days to see if December’s HOTM is more worthy of tonics once released. But not everyone knows what Season 2 heroes are in beta and will therefore be released soon. Same goes for our now past Halloween Event and the upcoming Winter/Christmas Event.

But that to me is more a complaint to the devs for limiting the release of beta info/images, not the testers that are damned if they do, damned if they don’t. Most of the players that place well in events are more than happy to, and frequently have, shared how they’ve gotten into the Top 10. So even if they may have been able to test various strategies in Beta, they typically share which ones work. In fact, I placed in the top 50 in Legendary last Event solely by watching Anchor’s, Zero,s and Uclapack/Dator’s event runs. A few days ago Wharflord released a similar video for how he placed high in Rare, which is a difference beast than Legendary where tornadoes are available.

So I applaud Beta players for the thankless job they do and their (as well as other top players not in Beta) willingness to share their info with us little people, but do wish the devs allowed more insight into upcoming heroes so those not in Beta knew how to best manage their ascension materials.


Anchor got permission to do the special youtube Season 2 streams pre release from my understanding


Maybe I’m more connected to the rumor mill than some people, but I not only know that a green hero is due in December, but also that her name is Evelyn, and she’s a green defense debuffing hero. (And I WANT her!!!)

And without being in beta, I’ve know this for at least a month. And so have many of the players I chat with regularly.

And I guess I am acting on inside information a bit–I’m saving most of the gems I might have spent on summons in November for December because I want her more than I want Zim this month.

But as I said … I’m NOT a beta tester, and I’m acting on the beta rumors.


Yeah I’ve heard of her too, as well as the ones for/from Christmas event. Some people say knowing specifics about the HOTM and the like in beta are an advantage. Others argument it doesnt matter because the heroes are almost always nerfed, just like Evelyn may be (and how both Aegir and Zim were).

My point is that we know November is a red HOTM, December is green, and January is yellow. So non-beta players can plan not to take a yellow 5* to 4th stage until January’s HOTM comes out in case they get them and they are more worthy of the mats. But non-beta players (assuming beta rules are followed) dont know that Halloween had extra purple and blue heroes until they were released, or that season 2 will release a red superstar very soon and Christmas has red and green heroes coming out that could be epic.

Knowing that I personally am sitting on rings and tonics in case (1) I’m lucky enough to get one and (2) even post nerf they’re more worthy of the mats. If beta followed everything to the book I wouldn’t know that and could have been/would have been livid if I got Mother North (for example) a month from now but didnt have the mats for her because I used them now.


Exactly which is total BS, no one else is allowed but him? Why? Why is he so special? 7DD? Ok.


Maybe because he actually asked politely for permission?


Just once more, because everyone seems to like to ignore this part: beta testers are not supposed to share images or videos of beta content without prior permission. There is no rule forbidding discussing the heroes that are tested. And there is always information about the upcoming heroes discussed in the forum, so everyone that wants to know does have the opportunity and can plan the usage of their ascension mats accordingly… albeit there can always be changes to the heroes and the information about last minute changes are not always given to the beta testers before release.

Beta testers are just beta testers - they do not make the final decisions. They do not receive information about where SG is going with the game. They do not design the heroes or their abilities. They make suggestions - sometimes SG will follow up on suggestions, sometimes not.


Because he asked…lol but i see your point