Why, all of a sudden, are the beta testers being trashed?

I don’t think they will touch her because she is not broken, she is beatable with 2-3 strong color stack, like any other great tank in the game (ares, GM, Yunan, etc.).

She is by far the best tank, yes, but not unbeatable.

Agree with you on the Atlantis regular heroes, I think they should be available in the TC’s, not only in 20, but 12 and 13 too, according to their level.


Thank you for your open handed generosity.

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Viv is one of the best healers in the game in my opinion

And you don’t need full 5* attack teams to be succesful in any aspect of the game

Throw whatever realistic challenge you want out here and I’ll be happy to prove it with video

Line id: jrigs

I can use 4* on 12* titans
Can beat full 5* teams and not use 5 5* heros
Can complete rare quests with 4*
Can complete challenge events with 4*
Can beat any stage on both seasons of the world map with 4*

Even the new class system is beneficial for 4* and benefits more tc20 heros than paywall heros


Here’s a special request @Rigs if you could entertain me.

Can you beat a 5* team with any 4 x 4* heroes and Friar Tuck? :joy::joy::rofl:

And yes, you may target an Aegir team if you want

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You said a lot of things and proved no point. Doesnt matter that you can win most of things with 4*, its easier and the win rate on raids are higher with 5*. You team of most 5* can not hold a defense on high diamond. You cant compete on legendary bracket on challenge events with only 4*, even less right now with classes. Your damage on titan is worse with 4* on titans, just because of defense, you dieing sometimes in only 1 slash or having less attack to do more damage.

The new class system is no benefical for 4*. You only have a 4* that has a 5* stats. But using this same emblems on a 5* you would have even more. Using the emblems on 4* would only make you on pair with a regular 5* not make it better, specially if you consider spending the same points on any 5*. It does not benefits more tc20, why is that? Sorceres only has Quintus, who is mostly considered garbage

Nothing you said change the point that there is only one 5* healer right now. The top tier game is unbalanced.

P2w are supposed to have it easier for sure, but that doesnt mean that all other healers are exclusive to them. If I want to have a healer on my team it must be Vivica.

Your whole point is invalid, not a single instance proves the game is balanced

Prefaced with the fact that I agree that the game is unbalanced…

This is a very poor test. Most people with several 5* still aren’t competitive on legendary. It’s very hard to get top 100 at this point. It’s fair to say that most P2P aren’t competitive either.

Here’s a thought

Stop whining and play better

I’ve seen your type before

You expect everything for nothing

“But but but, i suck with the heros i have” suck it up buttercup. Search the forum, improve your heros, set up better team compositions, i don’t even use a healer a lot of the time. Wanna compete? Then be competitive. Want an easy game? Play candy crush




If you’re having trouble keeping heros alive on 11 and 12*, battle items and wilbur help a ton(wilbur can be attained for free through atlantis tokens, you’re welcome for the tip)

And why can’t you compete in legendary with 4*?

The way the scoring is based, with the right board just about anyone can compete if they put in the time and effort of replaying stages to find the right board and crafting enough items(and using them on good boards and not wasting them on bad boards)

What does a 5* defense team get you? Squat

Literally doesn’t get you anything. You dont gain anything in raids by having high cups long as you can stay at a minimum of high platinum(which can be achieved with good 4* team compostions), as long as you’re in mid to high platinum, it’s not hard to attack your way to opening a diamond chest.

Wait! It gets even better! You also face… I know this will sound crazy… EASIER TEAMS for easier wins towards your chest.

If we gained amything from defensive wins, cup dropping would be obsolete but it’s not.

You’re saying my arguments are invalid when you clearly show lack of knowledge for the game

“The game is imbalanced” of course it’s imbalanced. It’s supposed to imbalanced. If it was perfectly balanced and we all had the same advantages and same disadvantages, no one would spend a dime, f2p players would get bored, and we would just have a fancy version of candy crush

Again learn the game or quit the game

The only thing in this game holding you back is you and your poor me attitude. Be a competitior or play victim and spend more time whining than playing.

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For every one instance where I use Vivica or Red Hood, I’ll have 20 instances where I’ve used Rigard, Kiril, or Boldtusk. They’re capable of being competitive in every single aspect of this game, so where’s the problem?

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No you dont know me, also you dont know what you are saying. You think you are so smarter/better than the rest of people. I once used only 4* for everything, being there and done that.

My alliance only fights 12* and heroes die sometimes, I think I pointed this out, for anyone.
I do have wilbur, but its luck. You do get atlantis coins but its possible to not have it, so its not only f2p anymore your point.

You must have all 5* star in wars otherwise you are easy prey. You probably dont know that because you are mid-tier.

The one who lacks knowledge of something is you, you dont know how to debate and be logical, maybe also knowledge of the game because you cant say anything about my points, just trying to insult and make my opinion worthless.

You agreed with me, the game is unbalanced, I rest my case.

Also search my alliance “Eye of the storm” , we are #11 right now and you can see me there. I have all the good f2p heroes ascended and my troops are 20+.

Stop being so toxic for no reason, grown up. You are flagged.

No they are not. Make a defense in raid or war with a 4* and you are easy prey. You cant expect to compete using heroes that are 10-20% ( something like this?) weaker than 5* heroes. If you think they are, use rigard, kiril or boldtusk on your war defense, instead of Vivica or Red hood, and tell me how it goes and if your whole alliance agrees with you.

I don’t use any healers on war defence, so I guess I’m easy prey :roll_eyes:


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I’ll admit I didn’t read this entire thread, so sorry in advance if this was stated already. I’m a newer beta member and I can tell you that I’ve never seen an event active in beta other than Christmas. All of the talk about beta testers having an unfair advantage in events is bubkis.

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Maybe you’re in the wrong alliance. If you can’t hang, there are other options. When I recruit, I look for people that have a decent team such that the titans we face won’t discourage them. We welcome growing players and encourage them, but if they’re too young, we encourage them to go elsewhere and sometimes make recommendations.

My recommendation for you based on what I’m reading, you can’t hang with your current alliance so go down if you are feeling discouraged.

An event(i believe guardians) happened to coincide with the opening of beta for the first time since beta has opened and a couple players did very few runs and claim they didn’t even use heros they used in the event.

It was blown way out of proportion but shouldn’t have happened

Correct that’s my bad lol deleting now though

If i get a friar tuck, i will max him just for this challenge lol

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Gotcha, thanks for the info. Still a lot of bologna over nothing.

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Honestly this thread is already outdated. Beta testers aren’t being trashed as much as they were when this thread opened(probably why i went way off topic forgetting what the thread was even about)

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