Why, all of a sudden, are the beta testers being trashed?

Yes and the responsibility as part of beta tester is to test the content for both playability, bugs, and degree of difficulty and report feedback TO SGG. That’s right, to SGG, not you or the general forums. We playtest as beta testers to make the game better. That’s how we serve the community - by helping find bugs, test for balance, give the developers on feedback on how and what we think should be improved/changed, make suggestions for the long-term health of the game. That’s what a beta program is for - not for leaking information to the general public. I have no idea what the completion rewards are because honestly, I didn’t look them up in beta. You know why? BECAUSE LIKE EVERY OTHER THING IN BETA THEY OFTEN CHANGE BEFORE GOING INTO PRODUCTION (monthly events, AW, etc every single thing with a reward was quite different from beta to production).

The first batch of events had the completion rewards change going into production and I haven’t looked since. I mean there’s gonna be 2-3 3* ascension mats in the epic and legendary challenges. What on earth could possess you to think that if you don’t know which mats it is right now, 2 days before the challenge will drop, that that somehow negatively affects your game? It isn’t a major mechanic change like AW or emblems; it’s an event that will have some rewards, same as the others.

And every time something gets leaked in beta and is changed before going into production, there’s much wailing and gnashing of teeth, with criticism of both SGG and beta testers. We’ve been asked not to share content until release notes are published and released, so that’s what I do.


I really want to start this discussion with you, but you’ve been trashing everything and everyone over the forums, so I’m gonna do the smart thing and don’t.

I did, however, wanted to let you know that YOU can become a beta tester too now. If you wanna see a change so bad, be part of the solution!


I wish you 2 of each! (Just remember that IF they ever introduce trading and I need either of 'em)

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Done, in a heartbeat!

Thank you for being a spear catcher for beta. :two_hearts:


Same people that got neith nerfed too right cause she was OP? Again more information on why not just because they said

It’s been explained a few times in this thread that beta players / and some not in beta (just from knowing what’s out there) felt Neith looked a bit much at average speed when she was first presented. They didn’t suggest such a strong nerf, just for her to be toned down a bit… and I assume most would have been happy with a nerf to say 185% give or take 10% or something like that (my gazelle would surely be happy and even more so with original), but end of day, SG decides what the final say on the product is.

And if I’m being honest, I don’t really understand this idea that folks want stronger heroes for more “challenge”… if they wanted more challenge, there’s challenge out there if you aren’t placing top 10 in events or in a top 10 clan winning 90%. To me, it just seems people are more upset because they want these really strong heroes to help them offensively. I mean, I’m all about good and useful heroes, more diverse and interesting heroes and more ways to win matches in fun ways… I’m just not super interested in op heroes that don’t take much effort because they are so powerful. But anyway, to each their own, opinions is all it is, about a mobile game nonetheless. haha.


Same people who got Neith nerfed + other people who oppose Neith’s nerf.

Wrong… Please actually do your research rather than assuming it all… Just besmirches your own character more than others…

Read here:


I find it ironic and funny when a beta build is nerfed people assume it’s one-percenters wanting to maintain status quo, and when beta build is OP people assume it’s one-percenters who want to increase gap between F2P/C2P :laughing:
As if SG is just a puppet and doesn’t take any decisions, and beta builds are created by beta testers :rofl:

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Yes and i could cut and paste multiple line chat groups were the real players have been upset for a while that people feel like there is a crime with giving the little guys a leg up here and there. My roster is not great but it gets me to where I want to be and is still in progress. There is no must have hero, but everytime there is a hero that could significantly give the little guys a leg up somehow people in beta act like this one hero is gonna wreck their whole roster. 90% of my gripe is for the FTP, yet somehow Im deemed a devil for wanting them to have something attainable to look forward to as we know how hard it is to pull event heroes by even one of your guides.

Everytime some type of change has been added to amp things up a little but its immediately shut down before any real part of the population have their chance at even trying it. Not fair that all these beta people get to gripe about things that we never even get to see if they were right or not. I will continue to speak for the crowd that thinks no one cares about them, yet be crowned a tool for wanting something a little more sought after instead of the same balance with a little window dressing. Who were the last heroes to be thought up concept wise and actually made it out of beta without a nerf that is sought after currently after gravemaker?

I play this game just as much as the next person and these constant fears of change are making more people want to quit spending than anything as everytime someone sees or hears about something new it gets nerfed. Now that is a fact SG cares about.

Everything in beta is subject to change

All just discussion until release

If people are saying they’re going to quit spending everytime an unreleased product is changed before release even though it’s clear as day in writing in every beta beat thread and from every vocal beta tester and even the devs themselves then it’s a loss SG will accept as there are plenty of sensible people that understand how beta works and that products being TESTED are not final products and still spend plenty to keep SG comfortable and productive


I honestly don’t know how to respond to this cause the accusations are so unfounded…

So I’ll just not…

GL with your ongoing gripes and complaints… Just wish you’d find some better pass time than beta bashing.

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Lol holy resurrection Batman! Alby wishes he could bring back an old, mostly dead thread just to complain. Bless your heart.


This is Kafs fault :stuck_out_tongue:


It seemed appropriate. :man_shrugging:


Sadly so…

It’s little wonder that most beta testers don’t last long…


Why does everytime someone not agree with you they have to be bashing. It’s not just me voicing these things first off numerous people speak their opinions and being I’m one of the few who tolerate the forum I bring out the words of THE PLAYERS that means high level, low level, competetive, casual. The discussions in line can get heated but people have a lot more things at their disposal and whole alliances opinions versus a few people and there ja just way to many peoples opinions bot being heard becaus they dont come to the forums. Sorry you think i have a gripe against some set group but my gripe is with people wanting the game to stay the same and afraid of change. If that offends you then i can deal with that but an opinion should respected just as I respect yours when you disagree.

Lol, I don’t have a problem with people disagreeing with me… In fact I have had healthy debates with various people on the forum. The reason I termed this particular one “Beta Bashing” is because of statements like this:

The beta testers get to “gripe” about it because they are by definition the FIRST TESTERS… so how is it “not fair”…

What you seem to be missing with this is that Beta testers are all levels of players… For what its worth I also believe i am representing the players in the feedback I give… I don’t put a personal agenda on it… If you were a beta tester & could read my feedback provided you can tell that my arguments and feedback come from the perspective of not being in the position that I am… Not having the experience & knowledge & roster that I have…

This quote right here is my issue with your recent posts… You are claiming (FALSLY) that beta testers are tyring to stagnate the game & to keep everything the same. You are making these claims not only unjustly but also without any evidence or knowledge of what is actually going on. You haven’t played with the Beta Heroes, the realm bonuses or anything…
You also have no knowledge of the exact feedback that is given, all you see are the changes that SGG make…

Not 1 beta tester (NOT 1) wants the game to stay the same… No beta tester actually has an issue with the new special skills or the realm bonuses… They aren’t Scared of them (as you keep wrongly touting)…

They simply are arguing for SOME DEGREE OF BALANCE… the two examples you are using to boost your “Beta testers are scared of change” are unfounded:

  • The health reduction. No beta tester has an issue with the mechanic. they just suggest that there should be more counters to it…
  • The Realm Bonuses. All beta testers have said its cool and a new idea. They only suggested that they be toned back a bit because they were doing more DoT & buffing than most hero special skills do… (also were some suggestions about there being fewer realms to reduce confusion and complexity but thats by-the-by)

I do respect your opinion. You’re entitled to it, just as I am mine. I just don’t agree or respect your accusations.


Not making an accusation these phrases were between two beta testers in line group getting into a pretty heated debate. One like you was saying about balance the other was starting that he felt people were afraid of the fact that there money hold would not hold up against actual player skill, thus the people complaining were scared of dealing with abilities that would give skilled players a fair way to combat without crazy spending. Were over 40 people present for the convo so I dont spout nonsense I do have reasons for comments. thnx for assuming there was no basis behind the comments but no that would be incorrect also.

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