Why, all of a sudden, are the beta testers being trashed?

You have absolutely no reason to apologize. You took it upon yourself to test an unknown and to share your findings to the best of your ability. I love this! You are an awesome beta tester. I think having the privilege to see things and test things before production should also be an obligation. We as players rely on this data. If something is found in beta it shouldn’t be kept secret.

I would have loved if someone made the suggestion to post how the match bonus was calculated so the playing field was even from the start. I have benefited greatly still as I didn’t place top 10 until I was told this info and what do you know I ended up winning the first fables after some strategy adjustments. Events has been my main source of ascension items and it makes me feel like I wish I could have shared more. I’m not saying people should feel obligated to share strategies, that’s theirs to decide. If a tester finds something in beta though I feel it should be an obligation to share.

Next event will most likely be my last one competing just to use up the items that I’ve been storing. I’ve won enough off the system and feel bad that this information isn’t available.

We’ve made events the way they are to compete. Health bonus can be gained by team composition. Time can be gained by speed and strategy of item use. Match bonus is all luck of the boards. The reason why the top placers use tons of gems and flasks repeating is to get that big combo within the first move. I agree I don’t think the playing field is balanced because of that last factor in scoring. I also think limiting runs would be a poor business decision on SG part and also just makes an unlucky person rank extra low. I think to achieve more balance between the p2w and f2p that match bonus needs to be replaced with another scoring mechanism. It probably won’t happen but that’s what I have learned from my experience running events the last couple months.

I have kind of went on a rant the last couple of days and I apologize to those that I have offended. I get very passionate about this game for some reason…probably because I’ve spent so much time playing it.


What im about to say might be not allowed to share but im not sharing a photo of a private msg im just giving general idea.

When i 1st asked SG to make me a beta tester the answer i got was "can we know your forum nickname to know how much of a help you are to the other players and how an active player you are) i wasn’t one then so i started to be one since then until the day i got invited to it.

Who is on beta is the most people who help others with info etc “most people with game knowledge im not saying im one but the most are” and they mostly so active in the game.

That been said if the most active and most knowledge players in the game wasnt in top 10 then who should be there ? beta got nothing to do with winning an event in live server its the player activity and knowledge.

Its a punishment to be in beta ? ofc not … i get to know the heroes before they are released and store my mats accordingly ? YES and thats the only benefit that im getting doing this job.

why me not you ? work hard show your self, help others and you will see someone from SG contacting you to invite you there.

only top ally leaders are there ? NO im not even in top 1000 ally.

do we need beta testers now ? OFC we do, there is many many bugs and issues that no matter what SG staff test something will be missing, many times i see things by chance and many times i see other beta testers reporting bugs related to a combination of heroes in the same team, " the SG staff will need years if they will test each hero with each part of the map / raid / event and combined with the old heroes to see there is no conflict / bugs and still some bugs get their way to live version but at least it doesnt have a big impact that dev will need to roll back to fix it.

beta testers opinions is important as they are a players after all and they will know if this / that hero is too OP or too weak… there is no developer will play the game same as you and me while having the power to 1 click create item/hero.

in short dont blame testers or warship them, they are players after all doing you me and them selfs a favor and if you wanna be one just work hard as i said and show your self, help others and show SG that you can benefit them more than your self being there.

if its too much to do and you see it doesnt worth it or you dont have time to do it, then let it go its not like if its not me then there should be no one else.


But be careful, because if you over-do it they make you a moderator instead… and then you’re in real trouble!


naaaaaaaah dont worry im careful to not be you :smiley: i dont envy you haha


I am a Beta tester in a top alliance and haven’t even tested challenge events in beta, as I usually feel like I spend more than enough time and items just getting to tier 4 in rewards and never compete for top 100.
It is not like beta players can play events endlessly, they only show up in beta at the same as in game if beta is active at that time or if new events are being tested.

@JonahTheBard - Just because you were here…:stuck_out_tongue:

Please, could you move or copy the conversation between @Epigenetic & @Uclapack concerning the scoring system within challenge events to Epigenetic’s Challenge Scoring Observations thread.

It was most interesting reading the thoughts of two beta testers who have shared their experiences and knowledge on the challenge events scoring system, and I would loathe to see such a discussion disappear into the jumble of texts and posts on this one.

Thank you so much, and apologies for any inconveniences caused.


Assuming everybody is on the forums

Shes number 3 on your list buddy. I just revised it for you! You might wanna use those pulls on the atlantis new heros in november and december cuz… HOLY SIT!!!

And your welcome from your local horrible beta tester.

Keep this in mind. 55% means every friggin time!
Also this hero will be countered by the youtube video of the god of the sea in the spring. So at that point she will be countered in a massive way along with hel.

The number one hero you want is coming in atlantis in a few weeks. He wont be countered anytime soon. He will be guins flank and he will absolutely wreak havoc on offense, defense, raids, season one map, season two map etc. anyways, by forum and beta rules thats all i can say. I feel its only fair to give people the same advantage we have. So there you go. The only advantage i have over you guys to get ahead and i just gave it away.

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The hero with capital letters, the one who will unseat Gin, will be the one who steals mana, 3 enemies, progressively to steal EVERYTHING. That turns the duels into 5 against 2. This is sharing.

@Epigenetic @Uclapack - do you have any objections to your posts being moved to the above thread?

You can quote them and post it there. No need to move anything.

Mods are the only ones who can move off topic replies and split topics.

Thanks … but … I’m pretty sure I’ve seen something of the heroes you speak of, and I’m reserving judgement in two ways:

  1. Two Atlantis 5* heroes are cycled in each month. I believe four or five of them have showed up in beta without being released yet, and I don’t think beta testers know which ones will be chosen.

  2. The ones you describe are on their first iteration; if they are as powerful as you describe, I’m betting on adjustments…

How did you just get into Beta? My understanding is it hasn’t been open for months?

I don’t mind although a comment needs to put there to explain so these posts won’t seem discontinuous

Should be red and yellow this month which leaves out the hero i believe Tpenn is talking about if that is a purple hero to flank guin

Its all good in the hood

I was just speculating, we all appreciate the info and perspective you provide, calm down lol

Honestly i “think” i know the rules well enough that i can help the non beta guys so when i jump in a public forum and attempt to help it makes me just a bit nervous. You can understand that.

That being said i “feel” yellow is 100% due in 3 weeks.

Here are some things to note!!!

If you search google for empires and puzzles poseidon you can find the video someone leaked with atomos and poseidon. I can speak of them as they arent in beta. So in that sense im not leaking beta. Poseidons card was already released by sg themselves so we can talk freely of poseidon and areil. When they arrive in beta we can no longer speak of them. But back ground cards in tbeir release are all proving legit

I think a yellow hero from the sakura family will be next

So @Tpenn is Kageburado the very fast hero the one you’re talking about, the purple hero?

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