Why, all of a sudden, are the beta testers being trashed?

Im with you @Kerridoc. In fact i dont run any of the events ever! I see them as a waste of time all around. In beta i will run one or two levels of special events just to check for glitches and then I move on. I spend all my gems then I raid like crazy. I will loose raids till im last then win till im in the one spot. I honestly do the beta part so I can see which heros i want the most in the normal game. No shame in being honest. But i loose all the way to last just to check the heros ability to defend. I like making sure i find all bugs as a sort of payment for being allowed into beta. Beta makes it nice to now what heros to save my mats for. So yeah i will admit thats the biggest advantage for me. I can attest to the fact that everything changes when the new tier stuctures for heros releases in the spring. Its goi g to change everything.


I don’t think anyone is questioning your integrity.

It’s more, there are those out there that have used beta to their advantage.

Congrats again by the way, well done.

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I don’t think the beta testers get as much of an advantage as some make it look.

  1. There’s no winning any event in this game without loads, loads, loads of elbow grease. And as it so happens, betatesters are among players with the greasiest elbows.

  2. The ‘tested strategy’ advantage is only there for the first iteration of any event, and perhaps only for the beginning of that event. Such info spreads through many channels, and the ‘winning strategy’ will be copied during the event. And commonplace in the second and further iterations.

  3. The ‘Monday’s newspaper on sunday’ is countered to a good degree by SG allowing betatesters to publish certain bits and pieces of information.

I’m not saying there are no possible conflicts. Of course there are. But their scope is limited and manageable. So there’s no actual problem here. Just something to monitor by SG.

Moving on. Letting the betatesters be betatesters, so I don’t have to. Keep up the good work.:+1:


It’s all relative.

I agree with the spirit of your post.

For me it’s not an issue because I’m nowhere near the top.

But near the top, every advantage counts. Beta testing gives top players the chance to practice iterations and use all the elbow grease they want without consequence and as much as they like. That counts for something no?

I’ll try to shut up from now on as I have a tendency of taking on other people’s fights where it doesn’t concern me :joy::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:

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Yes, first event iteration, and while their tested strategy is still limited knowledge. They will have a headstart. They will depart full speed from the get go, while everyone else is still getting

And then word spreads, the other players get a few nudges on their guitars as well, and the advantage fades away.

I think that speaks for you. But yeah, it doesn’t always end well. :rofl::sweat_smile:

Event top is highly contested ground. No matter what the level playingfield will always be under debate and scrutiny. Every perceived advantage will be one too many.

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I won’t comment much about the scoring advantage in beta other than it won’t matter except at the very top. While I sympathize with Dator and UCLAPack and have tremendous respect for them, I wish I placed as high as they did in their disadvantaged states :slight_smile:

I wanted to point out that sometimes useful things can come out of beta testing challenges that may benefit others:

99%+ of the beta testers are not the conspiratorial evil-intentioned SG sycophants that some posters portray them to be.

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What if I would be totally fine with Beta testers having a what-so-ever advantage over normal players in any aspect of the game? Would you then consider me as someone who does not respect himself and others enough?

The work of our Beta testers to improve the game for us does not get rewarded with anything, except appreciation.

Yes, statements have been made about actual legitemate advantages they have. I do agree with that. If there would be a way to prevent it, then you would have my vote. But as long as their work won’t be rewarded in a different way, let them have it as they contribute a lot to improving the game I like. :+1:

‘‘But it’s unfair as I have not been accepted into Beta.’’

I would then question the person his or her intentions once someone who says this does get accepted into Beta. You’re not in there for yourself, but for our whole community. :hugs:


That is an interesting article. It raises some red flags to me to be honest. Collecting data to unravel the mystery of the match bonus …according to the article this took months of data. I find it interesting that the beta program has been around since before the events and that someone figured out the match bonus is calculated by average combo pretty quick. The events were quite kind to some of the players at the beginning. It would be interesting to know if they figured that out so quickly by testing in game or beta. Knowing how the match bonus is calculated is key to getting the best scores. I’m glad it is becoming common knowledge now.

I didn’t get to post in the beta tester bashing one so I’ll use this opportunity.

I was a middling team when I applied to beta, I didn’t even have a maxed 5* or a full set of maxed 4*. I just applied during an open window. They really should do that again and be public about it - here is what we are looking for and we have 20 openings or whatever.

RE: Beta advantages - the reality is this. In the SUPER corner case made by some on EXTENSIVE event testing, sure, maybe there’s a minimal, incremental advantage for all of a minute because:

THE NUMBER ONE RULE OF BETA IS EVERYTHING LEAKS OUT OF BETA ANYWAYS, so as long as you are here, or on FB, or discord, or Line, or anywhere other than under a rock, that info is there. There was an (SGG approved) Alliance War primer before Alliance Wars were released. Months ago it was known that there was a green panther coming. Everyone knew Aegir was nerfed before he was released, everyone knows the santa challenge is coming and people are already p***** Santa’s wife might be better than Alby…my goodness, it’s all here. They clamped down on images and video content, whoopidy do. Anchor posts videos on youtube with permission - FOR EVERYONE to see. It’s almost a shame there are no surprises anymore. SGG is ok with discussing beta content…they just ask for permission when posting info, anyone can ask.

@Uclapack - the single biggest advantage I could have ever gotten in events, even what is possible in beta, (which, for the record as far as I can tell, is testing a NEW event with your normal team, which is mostly moot given there’s only one colored event left to be made) was gotten from you…from an alliance mate, who asked you for help and you helped them and because they knew I was into it, she helped me. That was last month (the most recent fables event). Think about that - in beta for like a year and YOUR experience in events is what made me better in them. Hat tip to you (you are an amazing asset to the community at large)…but it kind of proves my point on how extremely limited any advantage would be.

Cheaters will cheat, whether in beta or not, and even then they just leak all the information to the public. See the trend here - whatever advantage could be gained in beta is leaked, in short order (or sometimes months out), to everyone. And I am not kidding, like EVERYTHING is leaked, even if it is a discussion without a picture.

For the record, in real life, I really only have time to do the beta testing for new heroes and the seasonal challenges - I auto play events in beta to fill monster chests, not kidding, and use the loot to level ‘losers’ like Quintus and Thorne - and you know what, they have their place, and I post that in threads bashing them, so is that not the point of beta testing anyways? I have two young kiddos at home, a full time job, and an active alliance to help out, so I simply don’t have time to gather the intel you are concerned about in beta testing. And even then, it would leak…

I understand the skepticism, though, and hope you all can give the beta group the benefit of the doubt, because let’s face it, the cheaters benefit everyone anyways, remember the #1 rule in beta :slight_smile: (which isn’t an official rule, this is a joke and a Fight Club reference, in case folks can’t tell).

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Just to confirm the most beneficial information about events is knowing how the match bonus is calculated. This information was leaked to me as well and I have profited much through creating a strategy around that. How many people are unaware of this fact? I learned right before fables which tells me people knew way before me and profited greatly. How does one come across this information? Well true it could be shared which it is starting to circulate now. What I’m saying is people have already profited a great deal on something that never should have been a secret. More power to the person that figured it out and if they learned it from playing the events in game then they have my respect but if they learned it through testing in beta that should have become public knowledge then, not until they have reaped most of the benefits having the events cycle multiple times before leaking that vital fact


OK @UCLApack I need to clear up how this match bonus was solved. If you notice, I was the author of that post! It may have been that others figured it out earlier but as far as I know the knowledge wasn’t published until my article. I know you have good intentions as you share your techniques with others. I will clear up some misconceptions now.

Was it learned from beta or real play? The knowledge was gained by real play but the testing was confirmed in beta. Why was that? Because it would have cost $100 or more in items. I have invested enough in the game as is and I didn’t feel like buying axes and bombs galore.

Did the knowledge benefit me? LOL, before I figured it out, I finished about #20 in legendary. I didn’t push further because I saw that I was going to be #12 or so and being a bridesmaid in the top 10 gets you nothing. After I figured it out…I finished #20 in legendary, at least in the month that I tried. Most months I don’t do top 100 because I have all the avatars at that level and over 50 warm capes and nearly 400 super mana potions…I glide into the top 300 with minimal item and flask use. Therefore, the knowledge didn’t benefit my place at all, but it did satisfy my intellectual curiosity.

Did it take several months? No, I had the idea for several months. I could have figured it out much earlier, but I have a very busy and demanding work schedule. Family and work come #1 and #2 (sometimes not in that order), and EP comes in 5th on the list. I first discovered it when Anchor shared a video saying he did entire levels with items. I discovered that I could kill nearly an entire first stage (all three levels) of Rare with items. That led to all of the experiments. However, I waited until the next beta to gather the information. Overall, I could have done this with a day’s work in beta or in the real world.

Was the knowledge held? Yes, for about a day after I figured it out while I found time to write it up! My only crime if you call it that was that I put it in player guide forum which is not read as much. However I did reference it in another thread in the general forum. I am sorry if you didn’t see it until now, but it has been out there for public use for many months.


No you got me wrong I am saying that this knowledge was known by top finishers by the second appearance of pirates. Thank you for sharing what you found even if not as easily accessible and fairly recent. I think it is information that should have been in the actual event data. Health bonus is obvious, time is obvious, but match bonus is secretive. The top finishers oddly were beta players at the beginning and it was leaked to me that this mechanic was how events were being sweeped. There is no real solution here the damage has been done but I think that knowledge should have been given in game event scoring

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No it doesent.

He found out how it worked life.

Confirmed in Beta without paying.

Shared with everybody.

Didnt even use it to improve his performance much.

So I dont see a problem.


OK I understand, looks like I should have paid attention to this and published it much earlier :smile: I wanted to get the formula right, but if you want to answer the basic question of whether it was an average or if using items to kill levels affects the match score then your job is easier. I think you could be 98% sure it is an average by analyzing multiple videos of real events.

In any case, if anyone was hurt maybe I could have had a top 10 finish in one of the early events, but I have plenty of 5* heroes now so it doesn’t really affect me. Maybe I’ll contact you on Line and you can help me push the extra couple of spots in a future event.

Currently, having old challenges simultaneous in beta and in real time minimizes any advantage. Yes, you can get free tries in beta but doing that takes away potential high scores in the real event and takes away time for the real event as well. It may save you $20 in flasks, but most of us are so sick of doing the same stages over and over that the last thing we want to do is still more of the same. The better solution is to come up with an additional non-time based challenge in which levels become progressively more difficult ad infinitum and you are rewarded based on a ladder system.

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This is one theory (that they cheated someone how beta figured it out to profit in the real world), another is that they are also big spenders, with diverse rosters, and an ability to buy their way to the top. Sheer luck replaying levels can also produce the same result as saving time and fleeing. My best finish was before I knew about this mechanic. Now I know the mechanic, but it just lets me know if I’m going to have a shot at breaking a score on a level, nothing more. I still play through for the loot.

I mean is that really an advantage? Saving time by fleeing at the expense of experience, items, recruits, etc. when you don’t land a monster combo at the start?

That they were just big spenders at the time has to be as likely (if not the true) a scenario as any, doesn’t it? That they just replayed until they got top scores, not knowing the mechanic…we’re quick to assume they obtained the knowledge of the mechanic in beta. That is a HUGE assumption. Sometimes the easiest answer is also the most logical, and again, I’m not sold that knowing the mechanic offers anything other than a choice to flee at the expense of giving up loot.

*****Edit after your most recent post - can you please elaborate on the significant advantage? Is it saving items or something? I mean I wasn’t using items if the run wasn’t any good anyways. I think I am missing it. And I am being honest. We’re all passionate here - and again, thanks for the help that you’ve indirectly given me by sharing info with others!

You have absolutely no reason to apologize. You took it upon yourself to test an unknown and to share your findings to the best of your ability. I love this! You are an awesome beta tester. I think having the privilege to see things and test things before production should also be an obligation. We as players rely on this data. If something is found in beta it shouldn’t be kept secret.

I would have loved if someone made the suggestion to post how the match bonus was calculated so the playing field was even from the start. I have benefited greatly still as I didn’t place top 10 until I was told this info and what do you know I ended up winning the first fables after some strategy adjustments. Events has been my main source of ascension items and it makes me feel like I wish I could have shared more. I’m not saying people should feel obligated to share strategies, that’s theirs to decide. If a tester finds something in beta though I feel it should be an obligation to share.

Next event will most likely be my last one competing just to use up the items that I’ve been storing. I’ve won enough off the system and feel bad that this information isn’t available.

We’ve made events the way they are to compete. Health bonus can be gained by team composition. Time can be gained by speed and strategy of item use. Match bonus is all luck of the boards. The reason why the top placers use tons of gems and flasks repeating is to get that big combo within the first move. I agree I don’t think the playing field is balanced because of that last factor in scoring. I also think limiting runs would be a poor business decision on SG part and also just makes an unlucky person rank extra low. I think to achieve more balance between the p2w and f2p that match bonus needs to be replaced with another scoring mechanism. It probably won’t happen but that’s what I have learned from my experience running events the last couple months.

I have kind of went on a rant the last couple of days and I apologize to those that I have offended. I get very passionate about this game for some reason…probably because I’ve spent so much time playing it.


What im about to say might be not allowed to share but im not sharing a photo of a private msg im just giving general idea.

When i 1st asked SG to make me a beta tester the answer i got was "can we know your forum nickname to know how much of a help you are to the other players and how an active player you are) i wasn’t one then so i started to be one since then until the day i got invited to it.

Who is on beta is the most people who help others with info etc “most people with game knowledge im not saying im one but the most are” and they mostly so active in the game.

That been said if the most active and most knowledge players in the game wasnt in top 10 then who should be there ? beta got nothing to do with winning an event in live server its the player activity and knowledge.

Its a punishment to be in beta ? ofc not … i get to know the heroes before they are released and store my mats accordingly ? YES and thats the only benefit that im getting doing this job.

why me not you ? work hard show your self, help others and you will see someone from SG contacting you to invite you there.

only top ally leaders are there ? NO im not even in top 1000 ally.

do we need beta testers now ? OFC we do, there is many many bugs and issues that no matter what SG staff test something will be missing, many times i see things by chance and many times i see other beta testers reporting bugs related to a combination of heroes in the same team, " the SG staff will need years if they will test each hero with each part of the map / raid / event and combined with the old heroes to see there is no conflict / bugs and still some bugs get their way to live version but at least it doesnt have a big impact that dev will need to roll back to fix it.

beta testers opinions is important as they are a players after all and they will know if this / that hero is too OP or too weak… there is no developer will play the game same as you and me while having the power to 1 click create item/hero.

in short dont blame testers or warship them, they are players after all doing you me and them selfs a favor and if you wanna be one just work hard as i said and show your self, help others and show SG that you can benefit them more than your self being there.

if its too much to do and you see it doesnt worth it or you dont have time to do it, then let it go its not like if its not me then there should be no one else.


But be careful, because if you over-do it they make you a moderator instead… and then you’re in real trouble!


naaaaaaaah dont worry im careful to not be you :smiley: i dont envy you haha


I am a Beta tester in a top alliance and haven’t even tested challenge events in beta, as I usually feel like I spend more than enough time and items just getting to tier 4 in rewards and never compete for top 100.
It is not like beta players can play events endlessly, they only show up in beta at the same as in game if beta is active at that time or if new events are being tested.

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