Why, all of a sudden, are the beta testers being trashed?

Think about it this way, they are Crash Test Dummies.
Not only do they do the work, unpaid, unglorified, for your benefit.
They take their time to test things out.
Think about it this way:
Would you drive a car that was not “Beta” tested?
Would you get on a plane that was not “Beta” tested?
I think not.
Think, before you spout


It is just the complaint of the day…



Agreed, just annoying


very annoying. It is amusing to see the new complaints that come up everyday. And the ones that never seem to go away (AW matchmaking)…

I just play the game and have fun.


I invest quite a bit of money into this game and to see others abuse it for their own personal gain is sickening.

I’m sure if you invested as much as I had you would like the same playing field.


Investement is relative @Dator

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I’m sure most of beta players really are playing there just to test things, but I also believe, that it gaves them advantage to events. BUT I believe, that money gives you more advantage than beta-playing and they probably deserve have some salary from playing that. I just don’t understand why test something, which have been there many months already. :wink:

I like analogies so I’ll make it that way.

Using information in beta for personal gains is like insider trading. Using information gained from an insider to better put yourself in a better financial position.


What advantage?
Info about a hero they dont have? Or can use?

I’m curious about this advantage as well lol what they know gets shared so honestly if i was them i would use this as even more reason not to share info(since rules aren’t enough).They get bashed if they dont share the info, they get bashed if they do, i wouldnt share squat just out of spite towards those that continue to dump on them constantly


I always like your posts @Rigs


Do you pay so do alot if people. Are you saying if you pay more you should have an advantage? Kinda toxic.

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You might be the only one lol


Sadly if you read forum a lot of players feel that way. They bash others for having an “advantage” just because they don’t have it basically. Look at all the “if i pay x amount, i should get these heros” threads. Prime example. Sad sense of entitlement and jealousy in this game.


No your analogy is:

Beta testers go to a steak house and get all you can eat. It’s beta so the steaks might suck thier food maybe taken back or portions removed, but they have an unfair advantage when the all you can eat buffet is over in knowing what tastes better.


Well said Rigs!! It’s only a game and if you’re not getting enjoyment out of it, walk away!!


Agreed … I hope we have alot more people like @Rigs in beta and if not he needs to apply more.

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No one has an “advantage”, but no one needs to be bashed, either,
Well @Duaneski might be the exception to that rule :wink:


@DragonSnake I second that. @Rigs

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Lol i will keep applying but I’m alright if i don’t get in. Doesnt take away from my enjoyment of the game, and I’m glad we have those that already there

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