Why Alby in the wing?

I have seen several teams using Alby in the wing, indeed I have recieved recommendations to put him in this site but which are the reasons for that?

In my case I use as defense team the next: Qunitus - Alby - Ariel - Wilbur - Kingstone.

The idea is to speed up the mana specials ( Alby + Ariel + Kingstone) and with Alby in the wing this would be slower and worse for my defense team.

What do you think community?

Because if Alby is in the left corner, fires his special, and happens to revive an ally to his right, the revived hero will have an opportunity to fire their special if they are charged on the same turn.

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The advantage Alby or MN in left wing, not just wing, is mana skill will fire after revived, like this sample:

Alby - (Boldtusk mana full died) - (Richard mana full died) - etc - etc
Now if Alby revive Boldtusk and Richard, both skill will activate right after both revived, BT then Richard skill.

But if you put Alby in the right side, or left flank like this:
(Boldtusk mana full died) - Alby - (Richard mana full died) - etc - etc
Alby revive BT and Richard, only Richard activate the skill, Boltusk skill wait next turn.

So, if we put Alby in the right side, that means we give free turn to the opponent.


Yeah I understood. But the thing I wanted was speeding up the mana for Quintus and Kingstone and with Alby in the wing is more dificult to actívate his special.

Alberich,as well as Mother North, have the ability to possibly revive fallen mates, and they are also slow mana.

So, hiden back in the wing they are less likely to get hit by tiles, and is more likely that they will activate when there are less heroes in their and the enemy team, this way they can take better advantage of their special skill.

He’s not really worth it for that purpose alone. The resurrection is what makes him viable on defense.

Regardless of where you place him, he’s not all that likely to go off before he dies. But when he does, you want it to be a devastating effect.

I think Alberich can be a viable flank too. I’m not sure on tank though – M.N. has better stats for tanking (although her skill is mostly wasted there too)

On the other hand Alberich’s healing and mana recoveries over turns can be helpful at any point when fired. But it’s true that the resurrection is best when used late in the match – thus that’s why he’s often found as wing (left wing specifically).

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As others said, it’s for the value of him reviving allies with full mana but another thing is that it really helps Alberich to charge his mana if the heroes in the front are hassling the person attacking you and can’t be ignored. Let’s say the tank is ursena, her flanks are Gravemaker and drake fong, those heroes will kill the attacker very very quickly which means the attacker doesn’t have time to target Alberich in the corner, the attacker needs to kill these high damage output heroes before they kill. It gives Alberich the breathing room to charge his mana while you’re busy dealing with the aggressive heroes in the front. Often when getting a mediocre board, you can kill the front 3 heroes but your heroes are now weak/dead and Alberich is close to firing his special, and you’ve run out of tiles/mana and Alberich brings them back and you hate the game.


This is an old video, but skip to 21:08 to see why Alby and MN must to be in left wing. It is a perfect example where the defense should have won 3 times over, but lost because Alby was not in the right space.

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In this particular case the defense should have won with Alberich in the left wing. I agree that his ideal position is in that slot. But I’m sorry to say that this video was actually kinda painful to watch. There are so many mistakes in it with firing with the defense up and not firing when it’s down. Alberich should have been dead maybe 3 times over with the same tile movement but using better targeting.

It should have been won shortly after the 22:00 mark though. 3 moves after that Athena and everyone could have been charged and ended everything.

You did say you were tired so watch it again after resting some and keep an eye out for the defense symbols.

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