Why 20 characters?

Why I have to post 20 characters to give a replay?
Some times I just want to say lol.
or do I need to type:
hahahahahahahahahaha ?

Some times an emotional face can do the best answer, the question why 20 characters?

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Maybe it’s designed to limit lots of people just posting lol etc without adding anything?

Or to stop people flaming by quickly cluttering a thread?

Maybe @Rook the mighty mod, knows?

You can’t stop people if they want to flame just by making 20 characters rule!
Infact youe giving them more space to give a longer flaming sentences !
Other side if people just said lol or give a laughing faces aint that too adds to the site/player values?
A :wink: like this still count as a post to ve add to the total numbers of the site statistics.

Minimum character limits in forums are designed to require thought to be put into posts so as not to clutter threads. The hope is that each post will add something meaningful.

Some forums require many more than 20 characters. Trip Advisor forums require 100 characters and many people request an INCREASE in this limit. Some forums have lower or no length requirements for the reasons you’ve posted (i.e. that meaningful posts can be made in just a few characters sometimes).

In the end there are arguments both ways, but if you just want to know why they have the limit, that’s probably the reason.


What @hazard said. :grin:


He didn’t mintion you here just to say that lovely Rook !!
Gimme some thing soft to understand :hugs:
hazard said his stuff in Harvard English, I am from 3rd world countries :joy:

I get “WHY” its’ in place, but its’ easy to skirt, and everyone does.
twenty characters

The explanation, because you asked:

@JonahTheBard specifically asked a question of me (read back). However, @hazard answered so perfectly, my answer would not have been better. Hence the reply I left.

“…what ____ said” is an American saying to indicate that someone else has already answered.

And NOW I’m officially off-topic. Can I warn myself? :grin:

I like the “20 character” feature. It usually elicits more than a smiley response, but it’s not forced on us; we can type “20 characters” and leave a shorter reply if we REALLY just want to speak in smileys. :wink:

(20 characters) :grin:


It is the software default ( from the forum programmers ):

Generally because it puts a barrier in front of annoying behavior. Is it an insurmountable barrier? No. But why allow annoying behavior when you can discourage it? That said it’s a forum level setting. Don’t like it, start a forum, change the setting to zero. voila.


I had to look this up because I keep seeing this being posted at the end of some forum users’ messages or some variation of it. So we are talking about the number of letters, numbers, or symbols required in a message in order for it to be accepted? And that number is 20? Does the 20 characters banner mean something else? Because I feel like there’s an inside joke involved that mostly people that have been posting here longer than me understand, but I don’t quite get.

Oh, wait. Now, it’s becoming clearer.

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F.w.i.w have a read of the Fictionary of the forum which includes this definition and many others:

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I thought I saw everything in that. I must’ve missed that section. I guess I figured it was more of the introduction so I glanced past it.

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Yes, it’s the default. I do think it’s working pretty well and as @hazard mentioned way back, there are good reasons why the platform has the limit. Adjusting is not completely out of the question though, if there is a good enough reason we can do it. :slight_smile:



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I’ve since been shown two ways to leave shorter messages:

This. (Use an emoji with a long description):

Or This.

It doesn’t matter what you type, so long as it’s 20 spaces or so.


sometimes when we reply in the forum, we just want to give simple short answer without forced to write 20 characters as minimum

who agree with me?


Yes it is annoying, as this reply proves.

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Try adding on whatever stuff in <……>

Hides the extra plus qualify as 20 characters.