Whose the best 4 start healer to level up?

Agree Rigs with his cleanse and BT with his attack boost - both earned emblems.

Gadierus shines in 4* tournaments set to very fast though.


both mines are emblemed. Let’s see how Gadeirus does it in such tournaments

Level BT and use as your tank while you get stronger. Lvl Mel as your healer dispellers, both are great for all facets of the game.

Kash is a great low lvl tank but you can make do using BT so don’t bother with Kash.

Defense is not so important in low levels because your still going to get killed by stronger opponents.

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Nice. How do you have her emblemed? I got both her and Rigard and went with the Cleanse, since I already had Melendor.

A well tested healer in my team boldie and mel. I use them side by side.

With Atlantis Rising (see notes)=


For rare quests ( see notes)=

Melendor/ Sabina
Boldtusk/ Kiril


Click for notes

Atlantis Rising

Rare quests



Do Boldtusk and Melendor. Kashrek is overrated. Boldtusk is a better tank and better at everything else


What makes you say that? I use Boldtusk, Sabina and Richard in diamond arena every day and rarely drop under 2500. I’m sure Kiril is very useful to have around for his buffs, but definitely not “the only 4* to hold his own vs diamond level teams”.

As for the OP, @CatWar100, go with Boldtusk without a shadow of a doubt, you won’t regret it.

Another vote for Boldtusk. He is actually a more versatile tank compare to Kashhrek.
Melendor comes 2nd with his high healing % + dispeller.


I agree partially @AliceCooper, but an argument could be made for Rigard (healing 42%) after Boldy. Melendor (healing 42%) is great if he’s alive, but his tile damage stays so that’s a plus. Rigard can even tank just like Boldy and his dispel can be a life saver.
Plus then you have Sabina who is Melendor as a dark hero.
All that verbal vomit out of the way I normally level all my 4* healers fully because you WILL need them :wink:


If I have to pick one I always pick Rigard above all else.

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My reply was entirely based on @CatWar100 's list. Neither Rigard nor Sabina was in the list.
I will definately give a top priority to Rigard after Boldtusk has he was in.
I am using a +9 Rigard all the way to diamond to neutralize the threat of the Azlars, Sartanas and Marjanas.
Melendor is good enough for platinum though.

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Gotcha, missed that for some reason. My apologies

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Nerozumim…mluvim cesky

It’s okay. I just couldn’t figure out the ‘1 red guy’ though. My guess was Anzogh.


Boldie… I use him nearly every day to farm, in wars and events. He’s an allrounder and Kash gets dusty now.

Kash’s only an epic tank. I even don’t take him to his trial anymore.

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1st honor = BOLDIE
2nd honor = MEL

Between my two accounts I have all of them and I’m in agreement with so many of the responders.

@nevarmaor who says the best are the ones you have.

@sleepyhead who notes that Boldtusk is the only red 4* healer. I haven’t drawn a second one of him yet, but when I do he’s getting priority for war.

@Olmor who recommends leveling all of them.

My personal favorite is probably Kiril for offense, but I have a very strong blue lineup that works optimally with him.

Rigard was my first 4* healer and is always a great choice for map and challenges/quests. He’s so much sturdier than Sabina and my personal preference is for cleanse vs. debuff. (Aside: if you love Rigard, you will ADORE Vivica when you get her.)

And Boldtusk really is a great tank, especially with his defense increased through emblems.

P.S. Hi @DaveSonnenberg my old friend.


Between Rigard and Vivica, I would rather choose Rigard. As both characters are cleansers, yet his average mana is far better than Vivica’s slow mana. That means Rigard will be able to save your dying heroes faster than Vivica could. Not only that, Rigard is far easier, cheaper to ascend, level and max, not to mention, far more accessible than any 5 star hero. You say that Vivica has far better stats by reason that she is a 5 star heroine, then make your Rigard a 5 star hero or close to it. Far easier done by placing emblems on him. I’d rather use my Poison Darts to other better 5 star heroes (Joon, Poseidon, etc.). Vivica’s only edge or use is for stacking monoyellows in raids, wars and against dark titans. Delilah may even be far better than Vivica overall.

@Ultra all good points but I find more success raiding in Diamond Arena with Vivica + Wu Kong than with Rigard + Sartana.

The defense boost from Vivica keeps everybody alive longer.

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