Who's your Hero?

Proteus :tada: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
I got him early, means when Atlantis was new :smile:, and use him still everyday today on offense.
The hero with the absolutely greatest impact on my game! :+1:


For me it must be Wu Kong. Got 7 copies of him with 6 getting emblems and LB although only one got to Em 20. Honourable mentions to Rigard, Sobek, Hathor, C2 Elkanan, C1 Obakan, Kiril and Russell. Quite indispensable heores.

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I guess as your roster mature you might start using him less. But for me he is still a must. I use him in every war as well.

I am working on 2C LiXiu now and I hope her better stats makes her more useful.

I feel like if you don’t have strong nukers and overhealers you need mana control for a lot of events.


By this criterion, he’s so fun and turn the table against your opponent.

Art wise maybe (C) Rigard as I identify both with the looks and the special

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I have Li Xiu and she is better but not the same skill and needs to be timed. Proteus almost always charges late and Li Xiu too soon but that is board dependant although Li Xiu has mana bonus from costume

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For me it really is between Quintin and Serandite.

Quintin allowed me to build a poor man’s damage stack with two other blue snipers.

Serandite is probably the only hero in my roster that can win a match on her own. The burn damage from her 2x and 3x charge is so devastating that it really is a joy to watch the enemy slowly burn into defeat

Honorable mention to erlang shen. He’s so cool. He’s also pretty good but I love him first and foremost for being an absolute boss.

Seshat. I pulled her eons ago and have never stopped using her. The dispel and replicating minions has won battles when she’s the last standing.

Onatel, who I grabbed with my first FS, is quickly moving up there too. I love her special and always had a tough time with her. Glad I can now dish it out.

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Milena. Was lucky to pull her first appearance and have used consistently ever since. Plain ol Poseidon is probably the oldest uncostumed hero that I still utilize.

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Guardian Chameleon for me, very versitle, especially when holy heroes aren’t allowed.

Interesting statement. Why holy?

Guessing he helps deal with the darks?

This is fabulous. With comments like these, makes me want to use or get a lot of other heroes. I’m sure others might be having second thoughts as well about certain heroes. Don’t laugh, but my second highly used hero is… Lancelot. He is so cool looking and his skills are amazing. Just wish he wasn’t so squishy.

Looking forward to other comments. :face_holding_back_tears:


For me it is Lady of the Lake. My first ever maxed 5*. I´ve always loved how much of a pain in the a** she is. Love her minions and fairly good heal. I also adore her artwork. Unforunately i do not have her costume, but she is great as she is.

I have LotL+ costume at 1/1 for ages now

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I´m dont have too many other options when it comes to my roster. But to me she is a really great hero. The ammount of battles she won for me by simply stalling it out for as long as it wa needed makes her just so great imo. Ofc, there are many other great green healers and she is slow, but i would still highly recommend her

Think in terms of tournaments. In wars sometimes I need the boost the Guardian Chameleon can afford me.

Jabberwock (C) did the same for me. I was getting incredible frustrated with the game, and then got them on a lucky pull. Still love to use them.

Zenobia is “my hero,” edging out Jabberwock since she combines my two favorite specials - the pincer attack, and altering shields.