Who's the lord of the rings?

  • Azlar
  • Elena
  • Santa Claus

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Hi all, i finally found the 6th ring and now i’m thinking who is better to ascend: Azlar or Elena?
This is my main red team:

Zim is the flank in my defense team, where the tank is Kunchen. Santa is already tough at 3/70 and his special with Colen’s one is devastanting. I planned to swap Colen with Azlar, but yesterday i summoned a hot chick: Elena!

I would go with Elena, she can replace Kelile on the titan team and in attack raid team too, is it a good idea?
Azlar is great, but in raid Colen is already doing his work…

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Azlar AND colen are BOTH slowwwwwwwwwwwwww.
If you have the mats to take Azlar to 4th there is NO question who to use, AZLAR.
I myself would drop Scarlett for Kelile

Azlar, only because of the DOT and, while they’re all
easily dealt with, I fear Azlar in a corner more than I do Elena and Colen anywhere, bad board or no. Also, there are a bunch dispellers, including 4 epics, but cleansers are hard to come by.

I would go with Santa.

Depends on what do you plan to use them for.


Who’s The Lord of the Rings?
I don’t know.

But I do know that Olaf is The Lord of the Dance


Sauron is…
20 rings


Santa = Raidkiller
Azlar = Mapkiller
Elena = Titankiller

Santa shows up on top 100 defs.

Ascend all and hope for a rush without blue. :rofl:


Thanks all for answers!
I see that Azlar has more fans than Elena.
@AirHawk suggest to gowith Santa, that is a great hero but… i already have Kunchen as tank in my def team, is Santa a better Flank than Zimkitha? I use him in raid and vs titan (11-12*), he hasn’t durability problems and his special make same effect at 3/70. Why he would be a better choice?
@Rohn I prefere Kelile over Scarlet due his higher defense. And also because i found more useful a single sniper.
@Olmor only 12 more rings to realize your great plan!

After reading your idea i think that put Azlar instead of Colen should be a great idea .
Elena over Kelile would be the 3rd slow in my team, high attack but squishy and…slow!
Santa is super cool, but how said is already good at 3/70…

I keep working on Kage waiting your suggestions![poll type=regular results=always]

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Santa gives you more variety at tank. Also he is great for trials, quests and challenges.

He also makes a dangerous tank.

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Ok, Santa Is the One!

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