Who's the better tank - Onatel or Anzogh?

Curious whether you’d go with healing boost or mana control in tank position- they both do almost the same damage. Assume good heros in other colors, eg Sartana Frida Tarlak.

Whadda ya think?

I’d go with Onatel for tank, no doubts. Anzogh doesn’t really have the stats for tanking. She isn’t the most punishing tank but more annoying than he is, for sure. He’s better as flank imo.

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In my honest opinion Onatel is the very best tank out of the two options …100%

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I would use Anzogh as tank: Onatel tank could be defeated with strong tiles even after she would fire but this would be harder for Anzogh, who would gain bonus defense against ice.

I suggest you to field this team:
Tarlak - Frida - Anzogh - Onatel - Sartana


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