Who's my Paladin?

Hi guys,

I need some advice on who to give my Paladin emblems to, as I have about 200 just sitting there.

My current roster looks something like:

Red: Boldtusk+10, Wilbur, Mitsuko (3.70)
Blue: Grimm+9, Triton+8, Magni (3.70)
Green: Tarlak+2, Caedmon+8, Melendor
Yellow: Wu Kong, Chao
Purple, Rigard+7, Proteus+9, Sartana (3.70)

Possible Paladins in my lineup:

Red: Guardian Falcon
Blue: Aegir, Frida, Sonya
Purple: Cyprian

So who to choose?

My current red heroes are all tanky, so another one (Falcon) doesn’t seem to be what I need right now, even though he would be good for green titans?

Of the blues, Sonya might work, but with Grimm and Triton she won’t see much action. Plus, I just got Kiril who I wanted to start levelling. Also, I have 5 scopes so the possibility of one of those 5* being maxed isn’t too far away. From what I read, Thorne is trash, Aegir seems alright, and Frida seems to be highly rated?

Cyprian just probably won’t be that helpful, even though I don’t have another Riposte hero?

So who gets my emblems?


Aegir + Tarlak are nice together, high damage and high heals.
He can also become your tank :slight_smile:

Otherwise Frida could be a very good choice.

Discount EVERYTHING you read about Aegir written prior to his recent buff.
Aegir is now at least tied for second best tank in the game - and quite possibly is the best. It’s not even close in my mind. +5 or higher Aegir have been elbowing Guin out of the top 100 for weeks.


I agree with you, too bad i dont have either as i recall it was same month of halloween and i made good amount of summon got vector but jever got aegir, my brother got like 3 aegirs and no victor

Thanks for the advice.

If I’m not massively concerned about my defense, is Aegir still the best choice?

aegir is useful for both offense and defense team. and pretty much even useful when fighting ursena in hard mode atlantis stage.

Paladin special screams out for the tank role. Aegir has high defense so the boost from the talent is enormous.

Aegir is a real pain in the a…, um, neck to face as tank (makes a good flank if you prefer someone else). The heal all and spirit link force the enemy to bring a dispeller (Evelyn is Aegir’s natural enemy).

Of the ones you mentioned you will get great mileage from Aegir and will have no reason to regret the decision since he is good on offense too.

Frida is excellent and you will use her a lot BUT for emblems you will get more use from Aegir on a daily basis. She will make him better, the lowered defense to blue means that his healing of normal damage dealt will be higher.

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