Who's my Fighter?

Having BT+19 and Poseidon+7 I need some independent opinions/advice on whom to spend my future Fighter emblems.

I do not want to strip one of those off his emblems. Usually I give one node to every hero!
BT is just too valuable and quite beefy and Poseidon has a good punch and is the core of both my defenses on left wing.

I have recently maxed Delilah+1 and I use her quite a lot, she is my only yellow healer so far.

I am currently on half way to finish my 3rd rainbow set of 5* Heroes
My next blue project is Fenrir (a Fighter) currently at 3-70 and will be ascended next week, when Telly is maxed out. My only blue alternative is Misandra at 2-60, but also a Fighter
My next purple project is Guardian Panther currently at 3-70, also a Fighter.

A: Should I go on with Poseidon? Node 8 is quite expensive and the next attack/fighter node is far, but he will get beef until there

B: Should I build a second 5* Fighter, and if yes, who should be the favourite?
B1: Delilah
B2: Fenrir
B3: Guardian Panther
B4: Leave Fenrir at 3-70 and go for Misandra

Thanks in advance for any support so far

Fighter meshes extremely well with healers - as you’ll know from BT, no class talent has a more significant impact than a healer reviving and then firing… It’s dynamite when it happens.

Delilah got a good chunk of mine and she’s been very, very good value for them.

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