Who's in your Wildefrost Death Squad? - 8-7 Teams

Who to pick to get through the 8-7 grind (or 7-4, or whatever)??

I go for maximum tile damage + a fast or medium speed multi-hit special.

Which equals this bunch. Yes, even the deplorable Agwe has a niche - wiping out helpless alpine wildlife. What a guy.

So do you stick to your tried and tested dead-eyed killers or mix it up for a bit of variety?


Grimm, Tib, Hatter, Li, Colem. Similar reasoning: rainbow team of multi-hitters. I prefer Colem to Scarlett despite his slow speed because his special will take out the entire field where Scarlett often only kills one.


Drake +4, obakan, kadilen, Azlar +5, Grimm.

Grimm will be replaced when I get Frida maxed.

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When I had a farming team I used damage to all. This would wipe the board when active.
I now just use my levelling team. To see how they work.


Elk-Kelile-Frida-Frida-Gretel. Will swap Anzogh in when ready but atm he’s got a soft caress, not enough to scare even a mangy frost wolf.

My farm team, but lately been using more on 1-6-8 for crude iron.
15 seconds usually on auto.


That’s what I do, use my new heroes and some old ones I like using

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I use my new heroes that I’m leveling and some older one I enjoy playing with. Sabina, Hu Tao, Kasshrek, Nashgar, Sonya

You know, I’d posted this in the Community Content forum, but it got lost because the audience there doesn’t have much interest in this, obviously, but I’d often wondered what would be the fastest possible 8-7 clear team with the criteria of being full rainbow auto only.

This is my team I’m currently using. Red Hood is 3/70, Quintus is 2/60. I’m going to swap out Elkanen for Kadilen once she can one shot a field, but for now I’m still using Elk. Sometimes Hood can really slow down the team if she builds up a lot of foxes, but she’s the only all-hit red I have. I’m sad because a 3/70 Hood is just BARELY not enough to wipe out a field sometimes. Maybe once my mana troop gets higher level. Who knows. Quintus almost immediately got on my 8-7 team because even at 1/1 with the mana troop I had, he was practically one shotting entire fields by himself most of the time, so he’s been great for that.

Anyway, for gits and shiggles, I thought about it and think this is the fastest possible rainbow auto-only team:

But for fun, here’s the “best” team using only vanilla 4* and vanilla 4*/5* respectively. Can anyone improve on my thought experiment?

I chose Li Xiu because there is no better all-hit yellow in the game. The only reason I chose Elena over Azlar is because the riposte might matter, but it really comes down to preference there. When watching the team do auto, I’ve found all-hitters to be preferable to area hitters because on a 3 spread, the area hitters have a 66% chance of targeting suboptimally, and on a 4 spread a 50% chance which can slow down the rate a lot. With all-hitters, it’s impossible for them to make an incorrect target, so those I’ve found are better for an 8-7 clear.

This was my original post over there, starting with this: [Fun] What is your favorite odd/ weird/ crazy team for 8-7?

And thanks to @Razor for his utility, once again. https://titanmafia.com

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Mine shares lots of similarities with other ones posted:

Earlier iterations:

  • Before Thoth-Amun was Tiburtus
  • Before Li Xiu was Hu Tao
  • Before Colen was Scarlett
  • Before Evelyn was Little John
  • Before Grimm was Boril…my blue options were really lacking for a long time
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Sorry to pinch your idea :relieved:

Shame there isn’t a level timer so we could easily post reliable times for comparison

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Eh, better exposure here. It’s not like I own the patent to fastest 8-7 clear or anything. I’m more surprised there isn’t a thread about it before recently.

It doesn’t mean anything to really clear 8-7 at a world record pace on average, but it’s just a fun thought experiment.

Farming teams have come up a little a couple times before:

Plus the one you mentioned and necro posted on:

But I agree, it does seem like it’s a topic that hasn’t tended to get a lot of discussion.

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Phew. Good to see I’m not crazy.

I guess just to walk back my statement a bit, I’m surprised nobody posited a “fastest” 8-7 clear which is more specific and one of those internet arguments about nothing because there’s a lot of teams that can do 8-7 adequately.

Once again, no prize for fastest time obviously, but I personally like speedruns because they often showcase mind boggling levels of skill… or breaking bugs, but still. So it was on my mind.

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I use the only team I got… lol. Sonya, Hel, BT, Li Xiu, Melendor. When BT fires Li Xiu takes all 4, Hel and Sonya also take 4…

The problem with my 8-7 team… is that it really sux at Atlantis hard levels… so I now include a healer no matter what so that I have a minimal chance of surviving my senior moments :rofl:


I’m so glad to hear this happens to others as well :joy:! My farming team has been everywhere - raids, titans, Atlantis…

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Earlier there wa Isarnia but with Grimm it work faster


All hit-3 heroes



I put heroes that hit as many as possible:
Little John | Hu Tao | Scarlett | Melia | Grimm

Yeah I’ve even got a 3 star there. Honestly, you can beat the level with 5 maxed Melias if you really want.

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