Whom to ascend?

I have a 3rd tier Sartana and a 2nd tier Hel. I have everything except 2 tabards to ascend Sartana to final tier, and I have enough to ascend Hel to 3rd tier right now. If I ascend Hel I’ll then be waiting on 4 more trap tools as well to get Sartana to max. What would you suggest? Wait on the 2 tabards or ascend Hel now, and try and get 4 more trap tools and 2 tabards? I suppose no matter which route I take I’ll be waiting a while to ascend the other hero.

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I’d go with Hel. Why? Coz multi-strange fixation towards event/special/monthly heroes i have.

Carlos Sartana is also great but… boring.

Getting trap tools seems to be quicker for me than getting tabards. If you ascend Hel now, you might get 4 trap tools again to the time you get the tabards, and Hel would be more playable in the meantime.

Hel imo is one of the best heroes in this game. So my advice:

1.) Hel → Tier 3
2.) Hel → Tier 4
3.) Sartana → Tier 4


A morlovia quest should be available during the Halloween event, so after that you’ll need 1 tabard and 3 trap tools for a tier 4 ascension. I think your chances of getting the tabard before the 3 trap tools are not so high, so I’d go with Hel immediately and then ascend Hel again before Sartana when you finally collect these mats

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FYI: Morlovia was around the first week of October… so it won’t appear anytime soon again.

Oh, you mean the Halloween Event itself - yeah, I forgot about that. The price for beating the boss level of the hard event will probably be a Tabard, you’re right. :slight_smile: It’s not the normal rare quests tho… So IF he can/will beat it is a different story.

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Ah so “Return to Morlovia” it just means that the Halloween event takes place in the same fictional area as the rare quest? Oh my bad, I totally misunderstood that

Exactly. It doesn’t mean that the rare quest we know pops up. It’s just the name of the Halloween event. :slight_smile: However, there’ll probably still be 1x trap tools and 1x Tabard as a rewards. Just more difficult to obtain.

Hel is the hell of a hero, a 12 of 10 possible, a ten eyed under the blind, a Megalodon under the fishes, a Supernova under the stars…Any questions :wink:

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Seems Hel is an unanimous vote, thanks

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