Whom to ascend -- and include

Hi Friends - request help. I now have a problem of whom to ascend and grow. Please advise.

My current team is Lepiota,MotherNature,Ludwig,Zekenna,Telluria


Xnolphod, Lord Loki, Kara, Hanitra, Costume Alasie, Grimble are the ones that stand out

Xnolphod and C.Alasie are both top tier heroes used often for top players.

I also see you have a costume for Leo that could be very helpful in many aspects.


In my honest opinion you should first focus on Costume Alasie and Xnolphod…
Then …
Lord Loki, Kara and Hanitra
Whichever heroes you choose good luck


I’d look into one of the Paladins before too long too - Telluria isn’t very good, so your emblems will/should be available for transfer…

Agreed with above though - Xnolphod and cAlasie are absolutely top drawer heroes, as is Lord Loki.

Kara and Hanitra are useful too - with Krampus and Black Knight done, Kara may not be too much of a rush, though.