Whom to ascend? 4* ascension question episode 2137

Hello everyone!

I would like to ask you to help me choose next heroes I should focus on while trying to better my roster for wars, raids (now I am rather put off raiding because of my lackluster depth of my team, which makes it less enjoyable) and Atlantis progression. Ah, and also titans, would also be nice to improve those titan scores, lately they have been pathetic, but with some colours there is potential for reaching grade B. Still, those 10* ornery fools hit quite hard.

For raids, I usually stay in bottom Platinum (unless I cup drop to fill chests, it’s been annoying lately to constantly reroll enemies and fight teams that are almost or even over 1000 TP above my team) and I have been advised to keep my defense as follows: Scarlett, Tibs, Kiril, Caed, Chao - so far, so good (the only thing I don’t like that both Tibs and Chao are Rangers and I have some emblems I’d rather spend on one of them. Llet’s not focus on the defense, shall we?

Here are some missing 4* that didn’t get on the first screenshot:

And here we have some potential nice 4* heroes to level in the future:

Well, as you can see on the screenshots, Team 4 is my defense team (different order, mind you) and in Team 5 there are the heroes I am currently working on (well, apart from Joon, instead of feeding him yellows I decided to finally ascend Chao).

Now, here are my available ascesion mats:
image image

I am not planning on leveling any 5* heroes soon, As you may have noticed, these days my leveling tactics were to feed 10 colour at a time to 5 different heroes. A bit slow, but gets the job done in the end as well. Anyways, since I wasn’t sure who to ascend and who not to ascend, I brought my potential candidates to 3.60 to wait and see (meanwhile I use them at wars - forgot to mention those, I work the clean up crew job in a 70k war score alliance).

I should have writtten this post in Word, now half my submission’s gone. Anyways, this time around I am leveling 5 heroes with 10 fodder of the same colour.

So, there are Scarlett and BT, Grimm and Boril, Cyprian and Ameona, Chao and Hu Tao as well as Kashrek. Those are the 3.60 awaiting orders

I also have nekkid Falcon and Rigard (who is gonna be a great help, I hate DoT enemies and am always struggling against them).

Please advise as to who to ascend / level from scratch to get the most benefit for titans and pvp and atlantis progress - doing stage 23 w/o problems now.

What is problematic for me is raiding - when I try doing 3/2 and stack against red / blue tanks I can see the dmg output is not big enough with 3.60 Boril or Caed / LJ + Shrek/Muggy (i do use muggy for tile damage, but then he dies and is meh); also purple is kinda strong but again, Cyprian is too weak now to fire his special and Sabina /Ameonna have tile damage but not much else so it’s meh.

Were you me, who would you ascend first and why?

Cheers, thanks in advance :heart:

Boldtusk, Grimm and Rigard seem like the next best ascensions for your bench. You’ll longterm use these heroes for raiding – even well into diamond they are very useful.

G. Falcon should follow shortly after Boldtusk is close to being done.

May as well finish Chao since he’s been ascended to max already. If you want, you can feed Gazelle only 1* yellow heroes, while giving everything else yellow to Chao – this will be slower longterm, but Gazelle is a very good hero for titans and she’ll be a great aid in maximizing your damage scores there. Since you don’t have Wu Kong I’d say try getting her to level 2.60 at least until you get him.

Congrats on Rigards costume too! That’s a solid acquisition, and I would level it up after Rigard is done :slight_smile:

You don’t really have a solid choice for green. I’d finish leveling up Belith for now I suppose, and if you don’t get another green 4* then you could just ascend Kashhrek since there’s not much else to do.


In my honest opinion, and I have these heroes, I would finish off Chao first.
Then focus on levelling
Guardian Falcon
They will get you the mats for your 5*
Good luck


Hey guys, thank you. I pulled Guardians and am satisfied. Here is my roster.

Do you see any combinations of heroes I could use for raiding? I can hold 2000 cups easily, almost broke to diamond (2380 max) but I have to reroll a lot and I struggle even when I cup drop. Certain tanks like purple or something are way too impenetrable for me.

I favour enemies with blue or red tanks, but it’s problematic. If I don’t get a good start board then my heroes are dead before I can clean the board and charge my specials.

So I have been struggling and it’s been an unpleasant experience. Raiding is the element of the game i like the least.

Could you please give me some pointers? Maybe some hero combinations that I could use?

These are my mats and heroes.
I know of such inventions as 3/2, 3/1, 3-1-1, mono. 3/2 seems the best, however mono heroes die before they charge (assuming mediocre board). Same with 3-1-1.

Please advise. I love the game, it’s quite good, I spend money from time to time, but when facing situations like those I feel that I pay for being spat at.

Ofc I know it is getting harder and the level of play higher, but I just feel angry. And a video game should not make you feel like that.

Thanks for your input.
Ps: right now I am working on Rigard and his costume, Falcon, li xiu, maybe vela. Green fodder will be spent on Rigard as we w run purple tanks and I plan to set him up there.

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