Whom to advance

so here is what i have:
boldtusk at 4/30ish (on his way to max)
tiburtus at 4/30ish (also on his way)
here is where i need help deciding:
i have hu tau at 3/60 and jackal at 3/44. i have the orbs to ascend 1. i’m thinking jackal because he’s pretty badass.
i only have skittleskull, for green, at 3/60 at the moment. i have the shields to ascend, but i have a melendor and a caedmon (both unleveled though) i’m thinking of holding out to raise mel up for the heals (since i put rigard on the bench for tibs) mels gem damage seems significantly higher than caedmons even though caedmon has a decent charge attack. any reason that is the wrong way to go?
my real tough choice is with my ice folk. i have boril at 3/60 and sonya at 3/60. i also have a kiril unleveled, though. sonyas charge is nice damage but borils reposte is nice for challenging bosses. also kiril is nice because his charge stacks with everyone else’s boosts. do i ascend (and whom) or wait til i get kiril up?
i’m more concerned with titans and challenges than i am with raids, if that info helps.

If it’s titans you’re mainly concerned with, definitely go with Jackal over Hu.

That gives you Boldtusk, Jackal, Tiburtus.

Personally, I’d go with Kiril and Caedmon to round your team out, but if titans are really all you’re worried about now, Sonya is probably the better investment. Her buff removal, paired with Caedmon’s, will ensure you don’t have much of a problem with the riposters or the lower-level Areses and Alberichs of the world when you’re raiding, too.

Hope that helps.

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Definitely Jackal for yellow. He is a must have for titans and some events. Hu Tao has never impressed me.
You already have boldtusk leveled, I wouldn’t prioritize leveling kiril as they both do the same job. Keep him, as maybe down the road you’ll replace BT and will want to use Kiril then. So use Sonya, she’s great.
Green you could go either way, Caed or Mel. Caed I think is considered better overall because of his fast sniper and great overall stats. I’m in the fence with this one because Ive really enjoyed having a second healer for raiding and events and Mel has great attack stats. But for titans you should only need one healer.

If you go with Mel you and I will have similar team.
Main team is Boldtusk, Caed, Sabina, Grimm, Li Xiu and I do 20k average hits on titans, 2200-2400 cups, and rank top 500 in events.

Hope my insight is helpful. Good luck!

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Jackal for sure, a 4/70 jackal is amazing on a dark titan and super helpful on events too.

thanks for the advice, all.
so i boosted jackal and is now at 4/20ish.
i’m thinking i will boost melendor up first for the nice gem damage and heals. (by the time he’s up i’ll probably have enough to boost caedmon once i get him up too.)
i’m still torn on boril v sonya. sonya would be better against titans, but boril i think would be useful against events and challenge quests. i think i’ll go sonya though, as borils power is less dependent on his stats.

I hit Titans every day, and do Events much less frequently. I’d chose what helps with Titans. :wink:

fair point. and i agree. so now the question is. do i speed run 1 hero at a time to 70, or raise them all evenly? they all already have maxed their special move so feeding different colors is no issue.

Focus on one hero, at 4th ascension they take a long time to level up and if you do evenly you will see no results

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ok. so i’m thinking jackal>tibs>sonya>boldtusk.
i feel bad as boldtusk was my first 4*, but his special is not tied to his stats like the others.

BT will help all your other heroes, so live BT is better than dead BT. Do BT first.

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@Denys and I have disagreed on this before, and we continue to disagree. I take the long view, and always use color-matched heroes to train other heroes. It is more efficient and will give you a stronger team overall faster, even if it gives you a single hero more slowly.


Does color matched give more experience per unit? I thought it was just they give higher percent chance for the special power. I’ve never really looked though.

Barely noticeable xp, don’t bother with colours if ur special is maxed

Ah. Just checked looks like 150 for non matching and 180 for matching, for one star anyway.

That’s a 17% reduction, which counts for something to me. I’m a cheap Yankee, so I typically have five heroes under development, one of each color, so I can squeeze all the exp from each feeder. Currently working Thoth-Amun, Wu Kong, Alberich, Magni and Ares.

If you have a hole on your team that you really need to plug, sure, cross-train. But there is a reward for patience.


I think both methods work for different people: if you’re impatient and need one hero raised to match your existing team, you certainly can raise just one (though you’re right, you will be wasting exp to some extent).

I like that the game allows for different temperaments when it comes to leveling. :wink:

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I’ve done both. When I have multiple colours to ascend, I stick to using like colours as fodder, but before I had a level 13 training camp, I was using all colours to ascend the one epic hero I had to ascend at a time. Both ways worked for me depending on my needs and available resources at the time I used them.


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