Whom should my next four star red project be?

I’m getting close to the end of leveling my first Scarlett to 4.7 (yipee!) which will then allow me to begin my next red project, that being Scarlett number two, Boldtusk number two or Colen number one. Who should be my next victim? Also, I have two Colens, is there a need for a second Colen, or second Scarlett even? Should I feed one to one of the others mentioned above?

I should also note that I currently have Sumitomo already at 3.6 and I only have two hidden blades. Those along with trap tools are rarer to me then snow in June, trap tools even more so.

I am also not at a loss for healers, I recently received Sabina and Vivica along with Melendor that will all eventually be leveled as well.

I always level an original hero over a duplicate, so I vote Colen

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I would try Colen mainly because you already have Boldtusk and several healers. Colen is a good all hitting hero for both offence and defence. Not that good against the Titan

Thank you, so Colen even though he is slow is good on the offense as well? I saw him mostly as a defense hero.

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Colen can be pretty devastating depending where you are at.

But for a late 1st phase or 2nd phase war team he could be good. His burn could give you the win easily.

Slow but powerful.

Hmmm, Colen sounds a lot like bad mexican food.


He sure does he punishes the enemies…

Colen’s tile damage is really good for titan hits on young teams. Buff him with tusk for max effect.

That being said, you don’t need 2 of them. Only red 4 star worth 2 is tusk for wars.

Colen for sure. He’s also potentially useful for 4* tournaments where specials are set to very fast.

OOOOHHH, that’s good!!! Didn’t think about that! Thank you, all. Colen it is.

Two other things to consider when choosing your next hero to level:

  1. What hero class, if any, do you need to level to utilize its emblems?

  2. What hero class is needed to move your Trial team(s) closer to being able to complete all stages with minimal battle item usage and no continuation spending? I would say 3000 TP is the minimum to avoid having to pay gems and 3500 TP is the ‘comfort’ level I shoot for.

I agree with Colen here as well. And unless you have a glut of 5* heroes, keep at least 2 of all 4*.

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