Whom should I level first, Proteus or Jabbar (hear me out...)?

Mana control

Hansel is single target. I love my Hansel 4*+1, especially for filling my Wanted Hero Mission Chest.


Proteus is target, and nearby, perfect for Class quest triple bosses ( use emblems to get more emblems) and Epic/ Legendary challenge event completion tier rewards ( use 3* ascension items to get 3* ascension items AND emblems).

Proteus is only the second hero I off color, 1 day, power leveled.

Currently running Proteus 4*+12, and Proteus 4* 3.22, which made today’s Class Quests really easy ( only used 1x Dragon and 1x Bomb ).


Alberich at 5* 3.70 is incredible.

While I love my Melendor 4*+14 and Melendor 4* 3.60 because they are perfect for the original Wu Kong Cascade squad, Rigard 4*+14 is my most versatile healer while Boldtusk 4*+14 is useful for Atlantis Rising and 8* Titans.

So Graderius/ Melendor/ Kashhrek could all fill roles not filled by the above, but they depend on the rest of your roster.


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