Whom should I level first, Proteus or Jabbar (hear me out...)?

Good morning, before you all shout at me “You fool! How dare you ask such a simpleton question! You deserve a flogging!”, please hear me out. I recently was lucky enough to receive through a hero token Jabbar a couple of days ago and I already have Proteus primed at 3.6 waiting for trap tools but I am kinda leaning toward Jabbar to bring to final ascension before Proteus, please hear me out to see if I’m making the right choice:

  1. I completely lack dark direct damage (“DDD”). This would be my first DDD hero in the four or five star range. The only DDD I have right now is Balthazar and against holy titans he stands there like a fart in the breeze as the titans laugh at him till he cries. He needs a big brother to help him out.

  2. I already have a fully leveled Hansel for mana control. Hansel is my right hand man, he is my Sancho Panza, he is my Robin. He goes everywhere with me, we’re even doing lunch together later today. While I would like additional mana control I am not desperate for it.

  3. I already made a similar decision to ascend Graderius ahead of Melendor for the same reason. Hansel was my only green DD and I already had 2.5 fully leveled healers (Rigard, Boldtusk and Alberich). I needed additional DD and Graderius was best four star green I had that fit the bill.

Am I of the right frame of mind to put Jabbar ahead of Proteus for trap tools, or am I a cotton headed ninny muffin?


Titans don’t need direct damage, but tile damage. Jabar will be bad for titans, his attackstat is very low. I don’t have Proteus, so I don’t know his tile damage, but wild guess is, it will be higher. This is really a no brainer.
Even simpler: give me your Proteus, I’ll trade you 20 traptools for him, you’ll be able to max 5 dark 4*s with those!!!

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If you were having this argument about Gafar Vs Proteus, I think it might make sense (I’d still disagree though). But with Jabbar’s low attack stat as well as mediocre special damage, I would go Proteus all the way.


Yep, calling Jabbar a direct damage dealer is a bit of a stretch; he is a tickler at best


Got it, Proteus it is.

Proteus wins events almost on his own. Can you beat Teltoc and Avalon already? If not, Proteus is the man…er, fish er…?


If you can beat these events, Proteus is the man/fish/whatever as well.

Jabbar before Proteus is heresy in any scenario. I’d rather max a second Proteus, or a third, or a fourth, or a fifth. (and I have an unleveled Jabbar).


Mana control

Hansel is single target. I love my Hansel 4*+1, especially for filling my Wanted Hero Mission Chest.


Proteus is target, and nearby, perfect for Class quest triple bosses ( use emblems to get more emblems) and Epic/ Legendary challenge event completion tier rewards ( use 3* ascension items to get 3* ascension items AND emblems).

Proteus is only the second hero I off color, 1 day, power leveled.

Currently running Proteus 4*+12, and Proteus 4* 3.22, which made today’s Class Quests really easy ( only used 1x Dragon and 1x Bomb ).


Alberich at 5* 3.70 is incredible.

While I love my Melendor 4*+14 and Melendor 4* 3.60 because they are perfect for the original Wu Kong Cascade squad, Rigard 4*+14 is my most versatile healer while Boldtusk 4*+14 is useful for Atlantis Rising and 8* Titans.

So Graderius/ Melendor/ Kashhrek could all fill roles not filled by the above, but they depend on the rest of your roster.


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Proteus does indeed have good tile damage (as do most heroes with non-offensive skills). I triple-stack Proteus, Aeron and Sabina against Yellow titans (they are my only 4* and 5* Purples) and do quite well against them.

also, stopping 3 heroes from gaining mana (instead of just one) - so far no boss stage has more than 3 bosses. He would combo well with Hansel; you can even fire them at the same time in Raids/Wars. Hansel to take out a particularly dangerous target on one side of the board, and Proteus to cover the other side.

I heard you out - it’s still Proteus > Jabbar. But you’re not a cotton headed whatever! I think this was a fair question and I commend you for looking at your decisions in light of your personal roster. And, I think you made the right call on Gadeirus > Melendor, assuming you have a dispeller somewhere (i.e., as long as you don’t need Melendor to fill that role for you).

I think there are three issues here:

  1. Tile damage: maxed Jabbar is 531, whereas maxed Proteus is 707 (someone mentioned Gafar may be a different situation, he is 711 at max). The point is, Proteus has a huge edge.

  2. You talk about direct damage of specials in the context of titan attacks. Here I’m not sure if the three turn damage over time from Proteus will exceed Jabbar’s special or not. BUT it doesn’t matter. Damage from specials in a titan attack is dwarfed by tile damage. Plus, by blocking their special, Proteus will help your team survive much longer than Jabbar will, meaning Proteus again has a sizable edge over Jabbar terms of total (team) damage during a titan attack.

  3. Hansel: his special doesn’t synergize perfectly with Proteus’, but I honestly don’t see that as a huge problem. There are many scenarios in raids and events where you’ll be very very happy to have multiple mana control options at your disposal. The easiest to think of is when green or purple is reflected. But even if they’re both on the field, each will give the other more time to charge up, hopefully allowing a substantial number of turns of no specials being fired at you. I frequently use Onatel and Proteus together and rarely am stressed about the overlap in their specials.


You fool! How dare you ask such a simpleton question! You deserve a flogging!

Lol just joking. But yes, I personally would choose Proteus any day. In fact, I was in the middle of lvling Rigard when I pulled my second Proteus. Guess what, I immediately put a stop on Rigard and brought up the second Proteus ASAP. So here is my answer: Proteus!


Is there higher praise?

Also, who was the first?


Enough said :wink:


That gentleman Jabbar should wait, his jabs are not hard enough, but wait for who?..thinking of of any hard hitting direct damage 4* dark?:shushing_face:

Anyway, you have Proteus, much better, as already pointed out higher tile damage, awesome special for events etc. Personally, I will ascend and max 2 - 3 Proteus before Jabbar, but your own conviction, style and needs would probably prevail.

I have both maxed. I use Proteus every day, and haven’t used Jabbar in months. For what it’s worth.

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Gafar is much better then Jabbar, and still not enough to go ahead before Proteus.

Proteus is overall one of the best 4* heroes for all the purposes.

Jabbar one of the worst.

There’s no possible situation (literally none) where i level Jabbar over Proteus.

  • first level Proteus
  • then Tiburtus
  • then Rigard
  • then Sabina
  • then another Proteus
  • then Gafar
  • then eventually Cyprian
  • and then, maybe, Jabbar.
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Woah now.
Rigard is the king of E&P you ungrateful ***


Cho-Chin, Gil-raa or Balthazar before Jabbar i think…
Off-colored my Proteus as well so he could be ready for last Teltoc.

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Proteus, I have one emblemed +5 and am working on a second.

Who’s to say his battle form is his real form?

He’s a shapeshifter according to Homer’s Odyssey, so he’s definitely a merman or just a regular man.


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