Whom shall i ascend?(purple)

I am having a hard time deciding who to work on. Here is my case, i got tiburtus 3-60, aeron 2-60 and sabina 1-1. I have the material to fully max out aeron btw but i don’t have the luxury to max tiburtus with him.
I already have maxed out rigard as my main purple. So, whom shall i work on?

Edit: I have(4* and 5*):
Lancelot and falcon fully leveled and another lancelot 3-1
Caedmon fully leveled
Kiril and grimm fully leveled
Wu kong fully leveled, joon 3-36 and jackal 3-60
Rigard fully leveled

Without knowing what heroes you have in other colors, I’d say Tiburtus. If you post the rest of your heroes in other colors, you’ll get a better set of suggestions, as we can see what other options you currently have and what you lack in other areas.

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Just added it. Thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile:

Ok. With that, I’d say if you’re more interested in titans and the monthly events, Tiburtus. If Alliance Wars are more your thing, Sabina.
I’m not sure, though I don’t have him, that I would take Aeron past 3/70 personally, but I also have other 5* healing options to use instead. YMMV there.


Tiburtus is a top quality 4* so I’d finish him first. Since you already have Rigard maxed, your other purple healers can take a back seat for now. I would work on Aeron next, unless you have a better option like Merlin, Sartana, or Panther.


Tibs would seem the best choice BUT a better choice would be some elemental 10x pulls.

Your roster is about to hit a ceiling. All Tiburtus will add is the ability to double a purple as Rigard is needed in most situations that team will run up on.

You need to get some 5* heroes in the system to reach better levels.


Aeron seems to be more of a special niche hero, to use against heroes with a devastating status based attack. Tiburtus is a great general purpose hitter. With no other purple hitters, I’d do Tibs first for sure.

I probably would fully ascend another 5* purple before Aeron, although I don’t know how long I’d wait for one to come along if he was my only purple 5*

I’ve got Caedmon (in final ascension), and Sabina (only halfway thru her third ascension, not tough enough to take out raiding yet), and I’m thinking that I might like to take the two of them raiding as dual debuffers to make short work of raid opponents with Wu and/or two Riposte heroes or some of the other powerful buffers like Ares. Most of the time, one debuffer is plenty, though.


Hmm, can I suggest Aeron just because his affect is so pretty?


I’d never recommend that someone spend money on this game if they haven’t already made that decision themselves. You can reach the top echelons of this game with only a few 5* s with a host of 4*s. F2P players or low spenders can succeed in this game, though it is harder for them.


Tiburtus for sure. Aerons special is weak and you already have dark healer


No question. I only mean to say this is the point where the OP has to decide on more than just Tibs or the chair.

Joon is the best first step. Unless, a longer, harder road is acceptable.


The 4* materials are a LOT harder to come by. If you ascend Tibs first, then find yourself short trap tools, a compass, or gloves, you can expect to get those in ~weeks of game play, a decent chunk of which you will spend getting Tibs up to level 70 anyways!

Also, the path to 80 is a LOT longer. So you get the benefit of a maxed Tibs for a lot longer while you are working on a purple 5*


I am XD. Most of my teams are heavy hitters and i was lucky to get them.

Same thoughts. Sadly he is my only 5* purple. I wish they buff him.

I will do that but i am in no rush. Having two maxed out 4* each color proofed to be very helpful to me in raids and titans.

I agree. The reason i considered aeron is mainly for his 5* stats. His special is average at best.

XD. I like him too but the lack of material makes it a hard choice.

I am a low spender. The reason i didn’t consider the 10 pulls is that i dont like most 5* purples except sartana and domitia. So it is not a priority for me now.

I agree.

Thank you all. I guess i will go with tiburtus. I really appreciate your replies :slight_smile:

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I don’t have the materials for a final 5* purple ascension yet. But I don’t have many 5*s either. My only purple is Okaban, who I’d ascend before Aeron if I had him, but Would still prefer Sartana or Guardian Panther in my perfect world.

By the time you have Tibs maxed at 70, you may well have another set of 3* ascension materials for purple, giving you three more options to consider:

  1. Take Aeron to 3/70, saving the 4* mats for somebody you like better.
  2. Go healer crazy, and max out Sabina
  3. Just sit on the ascension materials waiting for a better hero.

You could also divide up your purple feeder heroes now. Give the 2*s to Tibs, 'cuz the later levels are both slower and more expensive; you will save food spent leveling him up that way too. Give the 1*s to Sabina, 'cuz same color 1*s have better odds of increasing her special than same color 2*s (And early levels are cheaper in both XP and food cost to level)

Sabina at 3/60 is still of some value, 'tho way less with Rigard at 4/70.


Took me a minute. Good one! :wink:


This is what i am doing now. Tiburtus is at 4-32 now. Probably would go for sabina if things didn’t change after he reach max level.

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