Whom better to ascend from three 5 STARS heroes?

Anzhog- he is attacker and hiller, but as less enemies on the field as less he makes hilling, and even if he is alone on the field, he also hills with just 20% of its damage. Thats just 250 of health maximum.
Red Hood- her only plus is her fox minions, that makes 7% of hilling each turn. But they are so week. And her attack is for hans lugg.
Gravemaker- its a pop star of defense.

So, peoples, whom better to level up from this 3 heroes?

Gravemaker is the top one for me, I don’t have him but he is in the majority of the top teams and can really give your opponent trouble…then red hood…I use her and she has helped keep my team alive for many battles…I don’t have anzogh so can’t really say about him…played with him a little in beta but had mixed feelings about how useful he might be.


Gravemaker obviously… the hero is extremely broken. He’s going to help not only on defense.

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Thats all? So… Gravemaker?)…

Gravemaker all day.

Red Hood is good and deserves mention but Grave is one of the must have in my opinion. Unfortunately, I don’t have.

I like Anzogh and maxed him quickly. I use him on a raid team with BT and he works well. He would be 3rd in line here.

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Thank You)))) now I really decide .
I have 3 of them, Graves, I mean, and with pleasure will give him to You) if its be possible


That would be awesome. I wish we could trade.

You will love Grave and see a big difference with him.

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Gravemaker pros:

  • good at everything in the game
  • he is very fast
  • yes, very fast


  • his DoT is dispellable, ya i guess that’s a con…

Red Hood pros:

  • drags out battles during raids and wars on defense (can actually force a win through time-out with right support)
  • keeps team alive during lengthy map levels and quests


  • fox minion healing animation wastes time against titans and during event quests
  • doesn’t heal right away, needs fox minions to live more than 1 turn to make it count

Don’t have Anzogh, can’t really comment on him. But I’d do Gravemaker.

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