Who would you work on next?

So, i leveled a bunch of heroes to their mat line. And i guess i just want ideas where i should go next? Who should i level to 3/70 and who should i max?


As you can see, ive spent a bit of money and am sitting on a bunch of heroes.
I do intend on finishing the partially started heroes as soon as i finish those in my 4th team slot.
I also know i need to take Buddy, Caed, and Hansel to 3/60. I realized all my green depth in 3/60 are slow heroes and when you are putting together a stack for war that’s not optimal as you need the quickest fire power you can before getting slaughtered.
I still have not yet maxed a 4* nature hero and that’s sort of embarrassing as i have a maxed Zeline, Lianna at 3/70 and Evelyn at almost 3/70. The reason for that is when it came time to give away my first set of shields, my only 2 options were Skittleskull and Lianna.
So, the first question is, who 4* nature should i max? I know he’s slow and usually not liked, but i really like Little John. His mana control has won me many war battles!
The next is as i approach another 6 mystic rings, which fire 5* should i go with? I’m pulling Ares up to 3/70 first because he comes into almost every titan battle with me, but should he get my next set?
I’m also almost to my next set of darts, but my only 2 choices are Justice and Poseidon. Should i just take Poseidon to 3/70 and sit on them until someone else comes along, or is he good enough?
I plan on bringing Sartana up to 3/70 after i finish Proteus but who else? I noticed that Kunchen is really the upgraded Rigard, so although Rigard will eventually be maxed, i think that Kunchen will get mats first. But, after Sartana, i really should max Tibs? Stacking him with Panther will be deadly against holy titans…

My ice heroes. Should Ariel get my next set of scopes? I’m still a long way off with that, but she’s supposed to be the beat hero in the game? But what order should i work on my ice? Ariel to 3/70, Triton max, Alice to 3/70 then Richard to 3/70?

Here are my current mats.

Ariel is best healer in game IMO, she definetly should get your next 6 scopes. Frida should get capes before Ariel beacuse you want her at 3^70 for red titans. Triton is perfect if you using 1 helaer teams. Alice for pvp.

Lianna>Eve for tonics. I love LJ, his attack stat and debuff but Peters can will be better chose IMO (I love mana stopers). You also want Mel in future for quests/war/titans(high attack stat).
But best choice if you want higher titan hits will be Buddy.

I want give rings Mitsuko first, Ares can work at 3^70 with his buffs little longer. First chose here should be Wilbur he make your green titan titan team unkillable. Also mix him with Wu, add 3 heroes in one colour and you have powerfull war team. Btw I love BT but you have Ares.

Poseidon is better chose than Justice, you shouldnt think much about slow heroes as a spender(except monsters luke Isarnia or Alby)
Also before Poseidon you can max Gretel.

Kunchen to 3^70 first, you don’t really need Tiburtus now beacuse Kunchen has the same debuff but for all. After Kunchen I recomended Merlin, he is a beast. Then Rigard, second Proteus and Tibs. When you get tabards start Sartana(if you want hitter) or Aeron(if you want healer) after max Kunchen ofc.

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Awesome! Thank you Radar! So after i bring Boril to 3/60 i should just work on Frida till 3/70? I can do that! I’ve tried her out a bit at 1/1 and it can definitely get some good titan hits in!

That’s why i was working on Peters before Buddy, Caed, or Hansel. I’ll finish Peters as my first 4* green as soon as i finish Evelyn to 3/70. Then I’ll bring Buddy up to 3/60 and see if i want to max Mel first or where I’ll go from there!

That’s actually who i was wanting to max first. Of course if i max wilbur, it will be a minute before i have enough hidden blades before i can do that. As the least of the guaranteed 3* unfarmables, hopefully they’ll drop fast for me. We aren’t in high enough starred titans yet for survivability being an issue yet though.

So, after i finish Poseidon to 2/60 I’ll work on Gretel and max her. Thanks! I’m not super anxious to be maxing a holy 5* just yet anyway!

Awesome! So, Kunchen for tabards first. I was leaning towards Sartana to have another sniper, but I’m definitely happy i was able to pull him! It was at the end of the month whrn he made his appearance and i was worried he wasn’t gonna come! I can totally max Merlin after that for further war depth. He’s totally helped me win battles!


Yes, after Boril get 3^60 take Frida to 3^70 normally maxed 4* are better than 5* at 3^70 but specific colour debufers are extremly important.
I know its hard to get mats from 4*-5* titans but we growing and stronger titans will come :relaxed:

We are growing. Just slowly! Great to have you as part of the team! I’m so busy with other stuff that actively recruiting has unfortunately been on the back burner. Hopefully our next titan is a 5* we are just destroying these 4*.

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There’s so many good heroes that i don’t really know where to start.

Level everything @_@

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