Who would you put Druid Emblems on?

  • Zimkitha
  • C. Kadilen

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Does your alliance use Green or Red Tanks in Wars?

What is your current War Defence Team?

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Zim is an obscure hero you meet from time to time, while fighting average defenses. C Kadilen is the only S1 hero that actually has a spot on the top players defense lines. I mean heavy whales use C. Kadilen. There must be a reason for this. I think, here, context doesn’t even matter, C. Kadilen is your answer. Top 10 defense hero.


Team is:

White Rabbit - Zimkitha - Heimdall - C. Magni - Jabberwock

Green Tanks for war.

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I’d easily go with Zim, since you are not using C-Kad in war defence.


If heim is locked in as your tank, give them to Zim.

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Based on Zimkitty being in your war defence then she should 100% get the emblems.

Heimdall is a comparable green tank to Costume Kadilen so no major loss there.

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Offense - Zim

Defense - cKadilen

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Do tell your other maxed reds

I would be leaning towards C. Kadilen. Besides, I would use it in wars instead of Heimdall. In my opinion, he is a more dangerous tank than the Heimdall due to his dodge and quick mana.


Costumed Kad. She is one of the very few heroes that operates quite well in both offense and defense. I much rather see her more threatening at tank than Heimdall as she makes you hesitate using hero specials for several turns when her dodge is active. Heimdall is just a tile dump because he is so slow.

Marjana and Ares

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What we need to consider is the fact that the notion of “tank” will most likely soon become a distant memory. Formations will change the game ballance in ways impossible to foresee at this point. So I wouldn’t bet on Heimdall being war tank for long… I think C.Kadilen is way ahead of Zimkitty in this shifting E&P story…

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