Who would you max out, Margaret or Zocc

If your alliance use green tank on war you should go costume elkanen then lianna (she is more usefull then heroes you mention) after that I think zocc is more consistent then margaret she is so random and literally do zero damage.


The question I would like to pose to you to answer your question is, who would provide the most benefit in your current play style?

I am of the belief that every hero plays a part in this game. Some way more than others. Margaret is extremely situational because of her unique special. I can’t comment on Zocc because I don’t have him.

I pulled Margaret after about 4 months of playing and I chose to ascend her because I only had Kadilen as my only other 5* green and it took me another 3 months to get 6 tonics. I used Margaret in just about every aspect of my game play until I was able to pull and level up better heroes. Then, she only saw action twice a week in one of my war teams…until very recently.

I pulled Guardian Gazelle from the last Teltoc portal and found that she is amazing on offense. But, G. Gazelle’s special comes with a price if she casts it and she dies with her teammates dancing. So she needs some protection. Brynhild just didn’t cut it, she died too quickly. So I decided to dust off Margret and give her a go since her special was given a little increase. I was surprised that I wasn’t disappointed with her performance. :rofl:

I now use Margaret daily. I use the same offensive raid team no matter the tank color. This is because the team I use coupled with a halfway decent to great board and the team synergy can beat most teams.

Margaret protects G. Gazelle and LotL because if they die then it’s usually game over for me. However, if I can get their specials off then it’s usually a victory. Margaret has been the MVP of many of my raid wins…if not for that dodge then I would have lost. Her drawback right now for me is that she is usually either the first to die or she dies early in the fight. Marjana holds +16 talents that I have been considering for weeks moving over to Margaret. I now only use Marjana twice a week in a war team. I should switch them but it’s the food/iron cost and I would have done the switch already if wasn’t so costly. But alas, Margaret is still extremely situational.

As you can see, Margaret fit my situation. So who would benefit your situation more, Zocc or Margaret?

Lianna is NOT a HoTM

@PeachyKeen after using noor in beta she is still 1-1 on my bench

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@Rohn Excactly as I said…

Probably wise… but a bird in the hand is worth two pulls from the portal.

Sorry…blue titans.

My attack team:


In my case the key is the mana boosting. If I can launch Kingstone , Alby and Ariel specials I probably win. Margo is key to mantain both greens alive and with mana boosting Margo shoots a lot. And she is always the last heroe to dead.

Other interesting case is:

Ariel-Bk-Margo. I’m delighted seeing how BK dodges specials when I have him actívated after Margo.

Margo is not situational imo. You can paired her with any hero to give survival.

I would choose Lianna over and above the rest of your other nature legendaries as she deals massive damage to a single target. I’d rather have a dead enemy hero than a dying enemy hero, who may deal slash attacks and still be healed, spelling the difference between a win or a loss. Plus, you can improve her in 2 ways: costume and emblems. I have Kadilen, Elkanen, Atomos, and Gregorion all at 3/70, yet i have ascended a 2nd Lianna since I have her costume.

I just used Zocc at 3 70 and he is very underwhelming. His attack damage isnt that good and his mindless attack barely take any health of thwm.

Dont think im going to level him up now.

You don’t need Zocc to counter Vela since you have Mitsuko, who is also average mana and will reflect Vela’s specials and damage back to the caster rather just a mindless attack. Mitsuko is also great at countering any blue.

Margaret is meh. I’d go for Elkanen since he is now more of a pain to deal with since his rebalancing.

Margaret is great, she’s in most my raid teams and now I hunt for enemies with multiple snipers to attack. I chose her over elk and Kad with no regrets.

Still Lianna first And Can’t comment on zocc as I don’t have him.

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I just now got like a bonus zocc, I have a long morgana, but I did not like it, it will not even raise to the maximum, I think a better zocc than margaret but even better what I have it teluria