Who would you max out, Margaret or Zocc

And who would you give the Emblems too ? I have enoigh Tonocs to max 2 greens (as i only have Kingston maxed so far) and was leaning towards Zocc, but then I came across an old Margaret thread i made and it got me thinking, who could be more useful.

Ive tried Margaret at 3 70 and she doesnt dodge much for me and havent heard too much about Zocc, but he seems like he could be good.

I would max Zocc before Margaret first personally.

I like my Merlin a lot myself, and Zocc is a 5* version of him.

Emblems, Zocc I guess if he’s the best you have. But I’d rather give them to Marjana over him (if you have her).

EDIT – my opinion on 5* rogues to emblem

As far as 5* Rogues go, I personally think the best ones to emblem are Alice, Marjana, cDomitia, and Sif. In that order.

Khiona and Zocc for me are the next best options after the above. Not quite as flexible as the above heroes, but they provide something unique in their rarity, class and color.

You could make an argument for Puss in Boots, Kestrel, Khiona, Inari and Musashi. These are more situational and roster dependent for me though. The above ones still take the cake.

(and ofc this is all my opinion, and things will probably change once Frigg is released)


Lianna over either. She’s not a flashy HOTM, but she’s a tried and true super sniper. Fast speed heroes are almost guaranteed to be more useful.


I do have Kingston and I cant give Lianna emblems because i gave them all to Seshat and was thinking a different type of hero besides a sniper ?

Lianna would pair very well with Kingstone, together they should be able to take down most targets. Lianna doesn’t need emblems to be useful, but if you have talents waiting for Marg or Zocc, I understand wanting to go that path.

I think both Marg and Zocc are attack heroes - they won’t do much to help on defense.

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Choosing between Margaret or Zocc.


Choosing between all members of your 5* team?

Still Zocc

And to cap my recommendation, here is the order in which I feel you should ascend them all:

  1. Zocc
  2. Lianna
  3. Kadilen (In case you get her costume)
  4. Elkanen
  5. Margaret

I’ve said this in other places, but the reason why is because Zocc is built as a Vela killer but, with mindless attack, helps vs Blue titans and any solid green stack. You will really enjoy him, as I did in Beta, when you really get him rolling. He’s got more “FUN” factor than Lianna and, even with my deep roster, I would choose him over Lianna. There are days in which I don’t use Lianna, because it’s not always about straight-up damage, which is all she provides.


+1 on this @JackieChanBruce

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I’d do Costume Elkanen if you run green tanks in war and don’t have Telluria or Heimdall. Otherwise, I’d do Lianna first even if your ranger emblems are on Seshat. It might be worth giving more context as to the rest of your roster if you want more detailed advice.

I dont really have that many good ones to brag about, this is all I really have and I have Noor, but havent touched her as she looks very average.

At the very least, she is below average.

I have yet to find a real reason to use her any more.
I used her in Beta with lots of emblems (19) and then maxed her when I got her in my account and have not seen any benefit to her over a maxed 4*.

I would not consider her anytime soon.

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Thanks for the heads up.

May I ask why you tried her in beta fully loaded and still maxed her in the live game?

In answer to the OP, this is a fairly straightforward Lianna if we are just talking about what is best for your team. If you’re going to insist on using something unique since you already have a sniper in King, and do not care about winning more consistently Margaret is the better of the two options you gave (although still underwhelming). Nestled between two key hereos if you can get 6 tiles off before Telluria if you roll a dodge on your Kingston (or other fast hero) he will automatically charge or your average speed healer will gain enough mana to charge with your next match.

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Well current meta is -Green Tank-i so i would say go for Elkanen Costume if you do not have Heimdall or Telluria.

Few reasons:

  • had 12 rings and Azlar was the only competition (already have other burn dmg heroes).
  • Wanted more time to mess with her, to really see if she was as bad as I (and everyone) thought.
  • Liked her minions and wanted to like the hero.
  • Figured that, if she was really that bad, she’d eventually get buffed.

That’s fair. I just maxed Elkanen #2, so I fully understand maxing bad heroes out of lack of options and excess of materials. I still have 28 tonics. You’re also right that she will inevitably receive a buff somewhere down the line, though given the history of buffs with SG the odds are that it will bring her from “atrocious” to “less bad but still bad”, rather than to “good”.

Should we make guesses now?
I’m guessing:

“Noor is bad. Her ability is too little, too late into the match and cannot possibly reliably have a relevant impact on the outcome by that time” - playerbase

“Noor’s minions have been changed from 25% attack/25% HP to 30% attack/25%HP” - SG, Spring/summer 2021


hhaha I just ate Elk #1 because i have 3 extra Eves waiting.
Have 6 tonics myself, but debating Kadilen vs Eve2 vs Greg2.

This is relevant to OP because…

If I don’t pull Zocc, I will have a debate on Tonics, myself.
And I do want Zocc.

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Margaret is still ineffective and fragile( they just added very low damage to her weird skill ). Zocc will be a little bit more useful imho.

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Yup. Margaret needs to have that damage chaged to be more like 280% on target, if they want her to remain weird utility either add a small 10% heal all (25% self and nearby instead maybe) OR raise the dodge chance floor to 45%

Margaret always.
She is going to give you more chances to survive on raids.
Her Dodge is amazing. A must in your attack teams and against red titans.
Very fast mana…always prepared to dodge.


You bring Margaret to fight red titans?