Who would you level next out of this group?

I have 2 full mono teams for each color to attack in war so I’m looking for the best hero out of this group overall.

For epic heroes, I’ll go with Gormek, Almur, those ninjas, and brynhill

For 5* i like zocc, sif, and Glenda

  1. Tiburtus, LJ
  2. Hansel, Gretel, Merlin
  3. Brynhild, Gafar, Triton
  4. Almur, Sapphire
  5. Noor, Domitia
  6. Zocc, Glenda

The answer depends on your existing hero’s and materials. If you a a low level player, step away from 5 stars for now and keep your focus on 4 star hero’s

Here are important 4 stars you can focus in order as their importance for each color ( from my perspective ):
Brynhild - Almur - Hansel
Tibertus - Merlin - Gafar
Sapphire - Triton - Valeria
Gormek - Shale

If you go with Tibertus, then you shall priotorise Shale over Gormek. One defense down is enough for you atm.

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I have

I have 900 rogue emblems and 500 sorcerer. Gormek would be a sensible choice for my 2nd red mono attack team but he’ll never get any emblems since I have better barbarians who need them.

You have Evelyn, so forget Almur
Dude you have a great bench :smiley: Focus on Alby, Jabber,Geijon , Mica and Onatel

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Waiting on materials for them

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