Who would you level? And why?

I know the usual answer is “it depends what other greens you have” so my other maxed 5* greens are
Heimdall +20, Kingston +20, Hatter +20, Lianna and Telluria.

I’m interested in reasons as well please :slight_smile:

My first instinct is Rat given his uniqueness and how I expect low chances of replacing him in the future. Depending on your alliance you may be perfectly fine using at 3/70 against titans.

After that, Do you have emblems for one but not another? Bertilla would be my last choice.

Zocc. His targeted mindless attack is excellent in raids, war offense, titans and challenges/events.

The Rat or Garjamal, depending on your playstile, I´d lean to Rat because you already have 2 strong hitters.
Bertila is also a good choice to pair with Heimdall in VF attacks.

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With the rest ofbyour roster I would say Rat or Zocc.

Garjammal is good, but you have side covered in Kingston and Lianna already.

Costume Elkanen hits hard but you have a nice replacement already maxed in Hatter.

Bertilla would likely only be used for VF format.

I know a lot of people say leave Rat at 3/70 as he is fine for titans there. But I think he has a good place on attack teams as well in a nice green stack.

Zocc is great because mana control is so important, sure you have to careful against clerics with him. But he is solid.

At that point I would just go whichever can get more emblems between the 2

You don’t need a healer, so no Rat.
I would go with Zocc because of his tactical usefulness.

N.B. I have Elkanen C and I think he is a good hero. He has one of the best % skill attack that hit 3 at a same %. So think about it too.

Thanks all, I hadn’t thought about emblems - poor form on my part I’m usually more on top of things than that.

Rat and Zocc I have emblems for +20 each.
Motega is getting cleric emblems so Elk is out
Fighter are going to Tyr when he’s done.
Barbarian I have a few spare but would be slow going.

I think it may be Rat and try to get another healer in every colour but Zocc is great fun.

The Rat would be my choice. Idk what * titans you are hitting. But higher lvl titans will 1 shot him at 3/70. Plus its always good to have more healers. And hes great for mythic titans as well.
Then id either go Zocc or Gar. Both good offense.
I have C Elkanen and he is very good but i rarely use him. He is especially good in the mage tower though. So if that matters to you id consider him.
I dont have Bert so idk about her except fighting her. She can be tough at times but i usually dont have much trouble killing her.

Rat really stepped up my blue titan game. Seeing the snipers you have I’d lean towards C Elk or Zocc if you don’t go with Ratatoskr.


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Rat is perfectly functional at 3-70 though tbh.

Zocc is very good and especially so in Rush wars and tournaments. You can fire in 6 tiles and that’s often life saving.

of these heroes I have Bertilia, Zocc, Ratatoskr all maxed (with Kingston , Lianna, Telluria. Elkanen dosn’t have costume, so Elkanen is at 3/70 waiting never used. The only ones I don’ have at all are Heimdall and the Hatter). So my roster is quite similar.
My experiences are:

  • Zocc is the one I’m using the most. His mindless attack is very useful. He is much faster than Alfrike and the target is chosen by you, this compensate for just hitting one. With his 50% Mana-filling the timing is easy. Zoccs disadvantages are: with cleric and moncs he’s filling the mana but they can eventually resist the mindless attack (Zocc is most useful to control rogue enemies: they can duck his direct damage but not the mindless attack). Better do not not use Zocc in defense ; you have to choose the enemy and the timing yourself - not the AI.
  • Ratatoskr is the other most useful heroe. With Heimdall maybe less, I can’t say. For sure, Ratatoskr is faster than Heimdall in normal circumstances.
  • Bertilia is to slow for me, so she is mostly for “very fast” and only situational in a normal green stack.
  • Elkanen was to weak on 3/70 - but then, I haven’ his costume, this could change my opinion.
  • Garjammal I summoned only a few days ago, Garjammal will be my next green to max, being a fast hitter with a special self healing, ongoing if hit with direct damage.

At your place, it would be probably first Garjammal, second Zocc or Ratatoskr, depending whether my priority is a healer or a “game-controller”


I’d say if yah got a almur as can be handy with elk and the hatter.
I like zocc too can take to +8 for mana node you have a 23 troop that be 9 tiles for him.

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