Who would you give rings between this 2(or 3)

Just wondering, during the up comming change, RedHood use to be a good one but I feel she isn’t as good anymore, in the other hand, G.Kong use to be the bad one and now he looks good if they keep him this way, I think he should get rings before RedHood, even before Anzogh, thoughts?

Kong was already better than generally considered…

I would put him at the front of that threesome if the buffs stick (ie: don’t do anything until it’s released), if you’re after a damage dealer he’s already top of that particular pile by some way.

I would give it some time to make sure Kong leaves beta after the balance in his current beta version. If so, he’s the one.

My 6 rings are also patiently waiting for this confirmation.

I already have one maxed…

If he gets the cleanse (even if AoE stayed at 220%) then I’ll max my dupe, now sitting at 3.50-ish.

If he gets the AoE bumped to 250% but not the cleanse then I’ll do QoH instead (3.70).

Cleanse is just so valuable and for those of us who don’t have Zimkitty, it’s too much to pass up… I’m a real big fan of attacking cleanse :slight_smile:

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