Who would you give emblems to, Inari or mageret

As title, they won’t be in my defence team most likely, going to max both, who is better for the goods?

In really like Inari. She messes up attacks. Her and Drake together are very frustrating to face.

Good question both are Rogue classed…I will probably give to Inari, the percentage of her dodge special is more defined and her special covers all allies.

Currently 50% of my rogue Emblems are on G.Jackal, they will stay there, once I max Inari, she will get the rest.

Besides I still wonder if Margaret will need emblems, her current stats are viable to the working of her special. For instance if the def stat is too high it might affect the degree of in coming damage and consequently her dodge.


I forgot to consider that! Thx for the timely reminder!

How is Jackal holding up against titans? I took Melendor to L16 defensive route for Titans. 12* still one shots him. I guess he will suffer the same fate. Best to go attack route if one would want to compete for events.

Inari 100%, she is just a better hero.

That’s complete nonsense… If that was the case, why would you even lever her? Let her be at 1/1 and she’ll always dodge with 90% chances. Hilarius.

Sorry for the late reply btw.

Well frankly you do not have to apologize for the late reply, you could reply to threads anytime but it is obvious you do not understand the concept of damage nor it’s calculation. The formula shows that damage is a function of the ratio of attacking hero’s attack parameter and the defending hero’s defense parameter, so it can be deduced therein that the higher the defense the lower the damage. And the reverse is also true that when you lower the defense the damage becomes more. That is explaining in words.

Now let’s relate it to Margaret Her attack stat is 821 and her defense Stat is 648 ( lower than average defense of classic 4* heroes) why do you think her defense is balance such that she has that lower defense?
The explanation is from her skill " the higher the damage from special the higher the chance to dodge" you can read this on her card.
So making her defense high you will potentially be lowering the damage and consequently lower the chance of her dodge. Although, I take that to be hilarious: leaving her at 1:1, would you expect special skill to function optimally at 1::1 and also dodge 90%?
Also learn not to dismiss other people’s view as nonsense, you may be expressing your ignorance in the process.


Not so good neither, I took him th def+ HP bias route, occasionally rogue dodge paid off though.

If the higher % special the hero have, the chance of dodging is bigger. That is how I understand it. SG should explain this…

I think that the dodge % is based on the damage that the hero could receive. A hero with a lower defense has more chance to dodge than another hero with higher defense.

For example if maxed Margaret and Aegir would be hit by an AOE special, margaret should dodge it more times than Aegir. At least that’s how I understood her ability.

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I was very curious about your answer, it seems very smart

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