Who would you ascend next for red, purple, and green?

I find her very hit and miss at slow.

I’d be 50/50 on doing Magni or second Ariel first… But I’d certainly do both in one order or the other.

This game is more in the longer term - just because more healers help in wars doesn’t mean ascending a mediocre one now makes sense when you have a far superior one waiting it’s turn.

Having a pure healer like Ariel is a super passive tank. QoH is built for tanking with her stats and paladin class. A +19 QoH is a huge pain to deal with. Can’t speak on Marie_Therese as Ive never faced one before.

Healer tanks work when secondary effects help attacking flanks… Ariel charges her flanks more quickly, that can be powerful.

QoH taunting minion is flimsy - having it open to three columns of tiles ensures it doesn’t last long.
She’s very easily beaten at tank.

Besides, you wouldn’t pinch those emblems from Heimdall… Who is a better tank again (didn’t spot before - went checking where paladin emblems were placed).

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Long term, both will be needed. I’d do Vivica then Joon 2 for Yellow and Magni then Ariel 2 for Blue. That will give the OP a good balance of support and attack heroes for both colors. Plus Viv will be maxed if the OP gets her costume

Thats true, but I still think Ariel works better flanking. Didn’t see that Heiimdall there. Still not sure how I feel about him. Ive only gone up against him a few times and he was in the wing (like mother north position) and it was relatively easy to take him out.

I tanked in Ariel in War for a while. At one point, it took 14 flags to take my team out. She’s not ideal at tank, but that shows she can be a pain!

If OP regularly pulls (which it looks like) then longer term they’ll get better healers on the bench… Especially the heal over time types, who typically have other useful effects.

If you had the 5* holy healers (Vivica, Guin, Delilah) then Vivica would be the last of the three to get darts.

If I were doing it all again, I’d think very hard about whether to max Vivica - I rarely use her other than in later war teams and even then, I don’t always use her.

Red: definitely Marjana (who else do we have that’s a red sniper vs Telluria?)

Purple: I see Quintus’ costume, which turns him into a monk and drops the D of everyone. Sprint in that direction.

Green: ATOMOS!!

JK, you got Lianna at 3/70 and unless you really love her there, I’d finish her. I may be missing something but it looks like you have Miki to amplify damage vs Titans and you need another green sniper to go with Kingston against blue titans. Once you get Lianna maxed I would go with Chameleon.

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