Who would you ascend next for red, purple, and green?

Hello guys, I am at a bit of a cross roads… I am working on my third set of 5*'s here, and am wondering who should be next in each of the following colors: red, purple, green.

I already have decided…
Yellow: Vivica
Blue: Magni

You guys always have great advice! Let me know your reasoning if you dont mind :slight_smile: Thanks!

Change your mind…

5* healers are worth their weight in gold to be sure…
But Ariel is arguably the best healer in the game and Vivica is nothing special unless you get her costume (mine hasn’t gotten much use since Delilah got maxed).

There’s plenty of sense in another sniper too… But honestly I’d rather have a second Joon+costume plus Ariel.

Ariel is that good.


Red: Marjana, one of the few red snipers

Green: probably Chameleon; solid in Titans

Purple: my first response was Freya and if you’re set on doing a 5*, I’d go with that. Personally though, I’d advice you level a 2nd Rigard (one can not have too many Rigards) and the Cat for yellow Titans (he’s better than Tibs).


I agree with 2nd Joon over Viv, but OP is lacking blue firepower, so Magni would be better over 2nd Ariel imo.

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What about the 3 colors that the post is asking about?
@TheChef @BubblesUK

It’s a tricky one… More healers for war teams always makes sense.

I agree that more blue firepower would help, but if another healer is a priority then I’d do second Ariel before Vivica.

I posted my advice on that too :wink:

That’s why I suggested 2nd Rigard

Oh thanks, you’re right! I glazed over that :slight_smile:

Red: QoH Vs Marjana… Tactical or sniper - both would improve your bench.

Green: Lianna

Purple… Freya really only makes sense when you have other minion hero’s, and preferably attacking minions (Puss especially).
Quintus is underwhelming but costume bonus makes him a much better hero than he’d otherwise be.
Grimble I’m not convinced of - I haven’t maxed mine and I’m not in any hurry to.

I’d probably do Quintus out of that.

And I’d really reconsider Vivica… She’s not awful, but slow mana really does hurt her impact - mine is very much relegated to wars only with Delilah much much more useful in general play.

How did I miss Lianna?!?! Forget Chameleon, do Lianna


List is somewhat jumbled… Had to look a couple of times and still not sure I spotted everything :joy:

Not a criticism as such, I just found it difficult.

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In my honest opinion, and just looking at your 5 star, I would focus on duplicate Ariel, Joon Costume, Lianna, Queen of Hearts and Freya.
However, you also have some great 4 star heroes that are worth a second look.
Whatever you choose good luck

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Thank you all for your comments! I think I am going to go with…
Blue: Magni (Need a blue sniper)
Red: Marjana (Need a red sniper)
Green: Lianna
Purple: Still on fence between Quintus+Costume and Freya
Yellow: 2nd Joon + Costume

Previously, I was going to do…
Blue: Magni (Need a blue sniper)
Red: QOH
Green: Lianna
Purple: Freya
Yellow: Vivica

If you’re not going to do QoH yet then I’d hold off on Freya.

Freya needs other minion hero’s to be any good…
Preferably with high attack minions so that she can generate genuine sting from them.
Low attack minions like Telluria’s for example get more powerful but they’re still not going to damage much.

Inari obviously can give you attacking minions, but then you’re not reliably able to get them on the field without Puss - unless those foxes pop up, Freya doesn’t do much.

I’ve played with multiple minion teams and my honest opinion is I wouldn’t bother with Freya if I didn’t have Puss… With Delilah and Telluria I get a minor difference.
With Puss it becomes truly minion mayhem.

No rush to decide, though… It doesn’t hurt to take time to think it over.

Red=Marjana Green=Lianna Purple=Freya

As for those saying another Joon over Viv for Yellow, I think a quality 5* healer like Viv will help you more than another sniper. You have enough firepower for several War teams. You don’t have a strong healer for each team yet though

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who is your defense team tank? QoH would make a better tank than any of your currently maxed heroes imo. I’d max her before marjana assuming you have 6 rings

The issue is that in 5* terms, Vivica isn’t a top quality healer.
At slow mana, those heals are a last ditch attempt to firefight a losing battle (unless tiles have been especially kind, but then you don’t often need it).
Average mana healers firing earlier makes a significant difference - the difference between firing whilst your hero’s need it and after they’re down.

If another healer needs to be a priority then second Ariel is a far better choice, and OP has a second Ariel waiting.

QoH in my experience doesn’t present a problem at tank…

I’d much rather face QoH at tank than Ariel and even Marie-Therese punishes bad boards better.

Plus, until benches are very deep indeed, I wouldn’t encourage hero’s be chosen for defensive reasons - ascend for attack, build the best defence from what you have.

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While Vivica isn’t an elite healer, she is a very good one in my experience. Big reason for suggesting her over a second Ariel is because the OP doesn’t have a maxed Blue sniper, making Magni the best choice there to improve the hitting power of a Blue stack. Yellow, on the other hand, has plenty of fire power but not a lot of support. My suggestion is to balance that out a bit