Who would use tonics on? Atomos or Margaret

I finally have enough tonics to level up one of my 5 star green heroes but the ones I have are Atomos and Margaret.
I have Alice and Sartana maxed out on my team and also have Boldtusk on it. I know people are really hot and cold with Margaret and people seem to dog Atomos all the time. I don’t think I really want to wait to acquire another green 5 star and just wanted to see who people think would be better to level up.

Honestly, neither! Save those tonics for a hero that’s worthy.

Edit: if you HAD to pick one do Margaret. At least she has nice tile damage.

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If you have Peters from the pirates event, Atomos can pair up well with him in green stacks. Peters can silence enemies, which prevents them using special skills and forces them to stay locked up to full mana until the ailment runs out. That can let Atomos deal a lot of damage to that enemy.

Otherwise without any of his family members Atomos is pretty subpar. He is a hero that needs the support tbh. Whereas Margaret is a hero that provides support to others. Also, titans, she deals a lot of damage to them.

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