Who would fit Vela's place in telluria def core

I think giving attack-down to all makes Vela stronger offensively but losing “additional damage to red” might decrease her appeal as a flank to Telluria. Ofc, she still is a strong flank.

I usually raid Telly-Vela teams with a 4-1 red stack anyways so having Vela give 1 additional hero attack-down doesn’t really mean much. However, my 4 red heroes will have a much higher chance of surviving until I get a cleanse.

Skadi? Really? Even with that buff she doesn’t seem that great. I have her at 3/70, so I hope I’m wrong.

I forgot her mana ailment was undispellable…very good point. Might have to check her out for my next ranger who gets emblems.

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Will you change your team if the change happens?

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Don’t laugh. Put Rumplestiltskin at bottom of the list because he’s the least probable option. Yes. But he’s blue, his class dont conflict with other meta heroes and his damage skill can be problematic if you’re not able to clean.

Would be 100 times better than 3 hit Nerfela.

But I still would not give him 6 telescopes anyway too. So I’ll “lmao” too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:

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I don’t have Vela, so no, my defense wouldn’t change.

I think if vela is overnerfed maybe my costume richard could do a fine job. Depends on the vela nerfing level

Fast: Alice, Alasie, Misandra.
Average: Aegir, Arthur.
Slow: Miki (If minions get the damage buff it can be a slaughter)

Was thinking “Does nobody will remember Alaise?” till I get to your post. Totally agree.


I’m tempted to use rumple

when blues were wings, meh

but him at flank with his beefy emblemed stats, i think he could work

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Speaking of Alasie:

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I don’t have vela but have Telly and don’t think this change will stop me from using Telly tank.

However i am thinking that costume Magni will be a strong replacement. Wish i had him

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She can currently kill 3 or 4 of Telluria’s minions with her skill in beta, which is a big enough difference for her stacks to kick in for all enemies hit.

She’s really good honestly even as a blue hero against a green tank.

On defense her hit is also much more notable.

But anyways I would wait to see if the change in beta sticks first too

True, she has actually burned me too before. Just haven’t seen her as often as the ones I mentioned above (right now it’s mostly Vela anyway so seeing more than her in blue is generally pretty rare)


Icy Isa and/or Ariel.

2 reds are nice Tel flanks, too.
Zim Tel JF
Zim Tel Marj
Puss Tel Az