Who would buy this?

Some offers are crazy expensive.

One can simply produce this, so who would spend 1500 gems for it?


I wouldn’t buy that if even if it was 100 of every item…and I am a big spender


This is probably the most laughable offer in the shop, I’m almost offended when I see it.

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A sap. E&P likes to fish for them.

I’m sure they hook a few occasionally, too. Some poor kid or naive new player. It’d be nice if they wouldn’t try to take advantage of such folks, but good luck convincing folks who do such things that they shouldn’t do those things.


Same as who would buy 1 million food for 2000 gems. It’s a lot of food, but come on. I would hesitate if it was 10x less.

Shop “offers” are definitely too much, and this comes from a guy who doesn’t think the odds for heroes are too small etc. I don’t mind spending on gems, usually buy around 10,000-20,000 monthly. And I can’t imagine EVER spending them on any of the shop offers. Maybe the only exception being the fast lane pack, since I use the loot tickets when unable to spend my WE during office hours but usually that recurring offer to buy them directly comes by before I run out of stock.


I look at these offers similarly to how I look at the epic summon portal: a way for a newer player to pay to get something when they don’t yet have the means to make it for free. In the case of the epic portal, the free equivalent is TC20, and in this case it’s an upgraded item forge.

That being said, this offer is definitely too expensive for what you get.

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Guys, we can spend 150 gems for a daily summon and get a 1* hero or a 1* troop :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Or pay 100 for we refill and farm better feeders and sometimes troops for less.


Yup, it’s the saddest option available in game, in my opinion.


You are looking at this all wrong. You are paying for a chance to get a 3* hero! :woman_superhero:





600 gems for what? :joy:

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I think that would be for somebody just starting out and who didn’t know better/or have the resources yet…just a guess

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For the unlucky a role of wonders and a silver token.

These offers would be fine, if one would get all and not at least two.

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But most players that did just start do not have these amounts of gems yet :wink:

Those people who sink their gold in this game?

Sorry, but that’s the same question like “Why (not) spending money in this game?”… And for someone who just started the game maybe that option looks nice.

Meh, I don’t think so.
Beginners should better grind up to say lvl 10, join an alliance and then (if) buy some cheap offers of gems and the fast lane packages. May be VIP, too. Great to have two building sites at the same time.

Later on with a growing roster these bulks of trainer heroes are at relatively good value.

If one starts to summon excessively depends on the width of his/her pocket.

Buying chances to get ascension mats ‘at least two’ are not worth it. 2 out of 3 you only get common loot.

Yeah, bring back the 90 loot tickets for 1200 gems deal. IMHO, That’s probably the best deal ever.

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