Who would best fit my blue team

I wanted to put this is gameplay and tactics, but it didn’t give me the option for it and only put it in general discussion, so ifnyou want to move it please do.

So here is my thinking. Frida thorne and Richard are all average and would sync up better and Frida thorne richard combo would probably take out whatever 3 targets it hit whereas alasie is fast, she only hits one target.

Who do you think you fit better into the mono team?

Alasie irregardless as she can buy you time with her skill before your others charge up.

Sets up well with elemental link.

20 snow girl characters

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Here is my monoblue team against red tanks:

My regular defense debuffer is Athena+8, opting the mana bonus from the talent tree and supported by a level 17 mana troop. My elemental defense debuffer is Frida+12 supported by my level 25 mana troop. Vela+12 is there to deal initial damage, DoT as well as reduce the attack of the enemy. Master Lepus+10 often deals the killing blow to the enemy damaged by Athena and Frida, supported by my crit troop to minimize his self-ailment. They all charge their mana in 9 tiles. Most red tanks die in 4 tiles. Ariel+7 charges his skill in 10 tiles, for now. I plan to emblem them more and level up my troops so they kill the tank in only 3 tiles.

As you can see, i dont have a sniper there. I suggest, placing Grimm or any AOE blue hero that deals defense debuff.

If your playstyle is go big or go home then replace Vela with Alasie.

Your current lineup is quite optimum even without Alasie. Vela stalls time for your 3 hit combo finisher.

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Wish I had lepus. Frida thorne lepus would be game over for any 3

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