Who would be the best team to take against Ursena (Season 2 Boss, Norm)?

With the following roster, who would be the best choices to try to finish season 2?


Also, best Items? The only thing I can’t bring are Super Mana Potions (no crafting ingredients to make them).

I would try Prot (1), Eve, Caedmon, Melendor and Wilbur
Take also Healing pots Mana pots minor mana and Revive scroll
Keep Prot and Mel full mana when needed.
With this you will have a color stack Green. Enemy stopper Prot. Healer Mel. Big time helper Wilbur. If you loose someone kinda fast OTHER than Prot Mel or Wil let them stay gone a while Remember if they die when full mana when you bring them back they will still be full.
GOOD LUCK it is NOT near as hard as it sounds


Go with :

Melendor - Triton - Kiril - Wilbur - Scarlet

Mana pots, heal pots and 1 miracle scroll as a safety net.

I just cleared it on hard with this team :

Wilbur for the shared damage, Kiril for the attack boost, Scarlett for the attack down, Melendor for the heal and Triton for the heal bonus and as a sniper.
Pretty sure you could do it on autoplay with that team :innocent:
Her special, on hard, dealt 600 HP to all my team when Wilbur’s special was off. So it doesn’t require to be taken off by Proteus imo.
Just make sure to have Melendor always full and the defense up by either Kiril or Wilbur.

@ me once it’s done and tell me how it went :wink:



I did use your suggested team, and it worked quite well. I only really needed to dip into the potions once or twice. However, I doubt the autoplay AI could’ve won since it seems pretty stupid about creating shields and diamonds as well as using the weak spot to stun. Thanks for the advice.


Great job @Anaea and GREAT call @J1mau

Also I do NOT think auto uses help items

Glad to hear it :partying_face:
Enjoy your Ariel avatar and your rewards :grin:

Auto play does not use items ever.

Besides, i was kinda joking on that one :joy:
Although it would be a nice challenge to try and take down Ursena on autoplay.
Wonder what kind of team would assure a success.

I assumed you were. As far as a team that could pull it off on autoplay… the Heroes-I-Don’t-Have All-Star team would likely be an apt description.

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