Who will YOU Limit Break? 5* Edition

5* Limit Breaking is a HoT topic which many people still discuss after 3+ months into Limit Breaking (LB) & I experience defensiveness more than clarity / self belief based confidence ! Even saw a YouTube chit-chat which was more scrapping of the forum’s discussions / suggestions after 2+ months & nothing innovative, new point or intelligent to offer… :rofl:

Now it is a no brainer, if one has got EDD heroes, those should be LB priority… BUT, I have a slightly different approach…

I am looking at the next 4-6 months of play based on last 2-3 month’s play & am choosing my 1st, 2nd & 3rd priority heroes as below for Limit Breaking (LB):

ICE : 1st = Cobalt : 2nd = Krampus : 3rd = Frida
Fire : 1st = Elizabeth : 2nd = Black Knight : 3rd = C. Marjana
Holy : 1st = Gazelle : 2nd = Odin : 3rd = EDD (have only Jackal till now) or Sif
Natr : 1st = Hatter : 2nd = FriGG : 3rd = Evelyn
Dark : 1st = Onyx : 2nd = Alfrike : 3rd G. Panther

I have got the above heroes & priority is based on my roster, style of play & CLEARLY being aware that the next set of 5*Aethers will come in the 6th month… & META doesn’t change every month…
enjoying the maximum out of existing ToP heroes is the key instead of being held back / defensive in the name of being all-the-time suspicious about the meta.

Also, EDD, DD, Mana Boost, Health Boost, Buff Booster heroes are important BUT not used every time / day …& there are ways to keep those heroes safe managed well on offence
Defence play is not even in my thoughts w.r.t. LB heroes = Primarily offence is my priority !

Example: Gazelle is an important part of my daily play & LBs would keep her alive longer = increasing my win %…

Decisions also get tweeked based on sudden development like:

  • If Krampus gets his 6th scope by the time 5th A5 arrives then he will be 1st priority to lead one war team offence…bcoz, Cobalt is already craZy & delivers good…

  • Since I recently got Xnolphod who can now charge up Alfrike with 9 tiles = I will use Alfrike more often outside of Rush play…so she became a 2nd priority in the place of Panther who I pair a lot with Onyx. If I get all 5* Aethers in place by time Xnolphod gets maXed… them Alfrike will be prioritised before Onyx also…

THERE are NO wrong decisions BUT only personal decisions, BUT delayed or NO decisions are worSe than wronG decisions…
Earlier today fought a LB Vela on defence = that worked for someone’s roster… so understand & make your own priority + use those Aethers & have FuN now, instead of HopeFully someDay … :grinning:

Seeing the so called experts’ chit-chat = only shows they read this forum a lot, seen already broken heroe performances & are as clueless or confident like anyone else = LB is a perSonal decision driven by style of play & roster ! :wink:

Finally, remember : Aethers will keep coming & the Quests will repeat in the 6th month …!

Good luck with decisions & happy playing !


Hello, do you think Killhare or Alfrike deserves to break the limit? …This is my Big dilemma… Thanks.

FYI - useful threads worth a read

I would LB the hero you use most often in your war defense :thinking:. GL in your decision making.


I’d actually LB the hero that you use most often on your offense :slight_smile: From the two you mentioned I’d do Killhare because she needs the survivability and her attack would be greatly improved. For me Alfrike is more about the mind control than the direct damage (although that is substantial as well) and she can still cast the mind control very well without being limit broken

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I had exact same dilema, Alfrike or Killhare, and I will LB my Alfrike first.

Alfrike. Unless you have Lepus or Roostley, preferably both.

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I’ve only done limit breaks on 3* and 4* for tournaments so far, still waiting on enough to consider 5* heroes. Based on which heroes I’ve obtained, levelled, and emblemed so far, my 5* wish list is probably something like this:

Yellow: Guardian Gazelle, cLeonidas
Purple: Ursena (my only other purple 5* are Sartana and cDomitia)
Blue: Miki, Ariel, Krampus
Green: Heimdall, Zocc, Lianna
Red: Elizabeth, cMarjana, Gefjon, Jean-François

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Nice, does she kill the Bera/Freya minions ok?

She kills everything just fine :joy:. Do not regret LBing her at all.


Missed Skadi just because I don’t have her :laughing:

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How about breaking Telluria’s limit?

Before limit breaking a hero do u remove their emblems ? Someone in my alliance suggested doing this 1st because if not u miss out on some points towards healh etc,can anyone confirm … thx

This looks to be true because the talent grid uses Percentage amounts on some nodes.

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If you reset and re-apply the emblems after limit breaking, you should still get the percentage benefit though, I would think?

Doesn’t make a difference, don’t reset emblems.


My LB heroes
Blue: Kramus
Yellow: Sir Roostley
Red: Will be Elizabeth
Green: Will be P. Fogg
Purple: Will be Bera


Yeah you can watch the % bonus from emblems increase as you level, no need to reset as mentioned.

EVELYN OR PHLIES FOGG which should I limit break?

For me it’s
Yellow - Devana (my only Yellow 5*)
Purple - Clarissa
Red - Elisabeth
Blue - Frosth
Green - still can’t decide between Mother North and Lady of the Lake

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