Who will YOU Limit Break? 5* Edition


Currently have lbd
Lord loki
Prof lindbrock


Next to LB probably Aino for blue ursena for dark joon/hanitra for yellow Russell for red and garjammal for green. Those are the best choices in each color


My next choices ard rather lackluster overall but will likely be.
Mother North
Yellow no viable candidates.
Red no viable candidates.


My next red will now be tahir… i use Russel on defense in VF wars but otherwise tahir usually will deal alot of pain due to frigg and aino being on defense as well and giving ailments if not still does a good hit and bleed damage

Otherwise still green will be garjammal blue might just wait already LB aino now only other good candidates are alexandrine king Arthur or isarnia and costume yellow still looking at hanitra or joon possibly norns aa well… outta those might do joon cuz hanitra can already take a decent hit … and joon is squishy
As for purple now i LB ursena and shes tougher itll be khepri unless of course in all these colors i get something better in any of them or a costume i dont have :person_shrugging:

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So update.
When i get enough aethers
Red. Sekhmet
Blue Adalinda
Green. iku turso when i finally get round to leveling
Dark. Cant decide between senan and rayne atm.
Yellow zhang fei.


Red - Hypnos
Yellow - Motega
Green - Elkanen (I have both costumes)
Blue - Sobeck (or maybe Lord Loki or Theobald , I am not quit sure yet)
Purple - Bastet


Of which only BK has been lb’d. Haven’t found the time yet for lb’ing LL, he manages quite well with the emblem path I chose for him, although if he works as a taunter he could need the lb more. Cristobal just has been seen less action than when I planned to lb him, and also haven’t found the time to lb him. For Alfrike I realized she is very sturdy already when emblemed focusing only def-health whenever possible.

Now current plans:
:red_circle: Sekhmet. I currently use BK in every single war defense except in equalizer, but I think with a Xnol tank my defense is a bit too passive. I hope Sekhmet brings some threat there, even though she is a sniper, but those passives are always there. For offense she will be very good and extra attack will help her heal more.

:green_circle: El Naddaha. I bet everyone here already knows why she deserves the aethers. Also she’ll be my 2nd S5 hero in the defense team, so better chances for passive activations.

:purple_circle: I’m not quite sure yet and I need 1 more big aether, but cPanther is the one most likely. She could use some extra defense.

:yellow_circle: Onatel or Papyros. I’m still leveling Papyros so I don’t have experience with him yet, he could be massive dissapointment or positive surprise. I know he gets a lot of hate, but when I look at those passives they make him feel a lot better than people say by just his special. But I don’t have enough aethers here in a long time.

:large_blue_circle: I still plan to lb Lord Loki at some point, I have enough aethers for 2 lbs. Currently I’m levelling Frida, but before I make any decisions if I lb her, I’ll have to see her in action before.


Done tahir… he hits haard with any aliment its nice