Who will YOU Limit Break? 5* Edition

Hello, friends!

I’ve read many reviews and strategies regarding which heroes will be limit broken, and while most of them tend to float downward to make 3*/4* more viable and essentially transcend to their next tier (4*/5*), I’m curious to gather input on which heroes you all universally feel are the best options for limit breaking.

I’m going to build polls with the top 5 selections that I personally consider to be the most viable selections, and add an Other selection if you feel none of those apply. I’ll subsequently follow up each post with a separate color and the options I feel are most viable.

Feel free to vote on them and provide your rationale below. I’m hoping this post will serve as an enhancement to our community in selecting heroes that will provide the maximum short and long term gains, while seemingly maximizing the benefit of precious aether.


Which 5* BLUE hero would you choose to limit break first?

  • Cobalt
  • Athena
  • Frida
  • Krampus
  • Morel
  • Other

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Which 5* RED hero would you choose to limit break first?

  • Gravemaker
  • Marjana/Costume
  • Gefjon
  • Black Knight
  • Elizabeth
  • Other

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Which 5* GREEN hero would you choose to limit break first?

  • Heimdall / MN / Alberich
  • Phileas Fogg
  • Evelyn
  • Lianna/Costume
  • Kadilen/Costume
  • Other

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Which 5* PURPLE hero would you choose to limit break first?

  • Guardian Panther
  • Bera
  • Alfrike
  • Hannah
  • Dr. Moreau
  • Other

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Which 5* YELLOW hero would you choose to limit break first?

  • Professor Lidenbrock
  • Leonidas/Costume
  • Uraeus
  • Joon/Costume
  • Devana
  • Other

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5* heroes with LBs that I have seen so far are obviously in blue and red and include:
Costume Magni
Costume Marjana

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It’s something that has been the topic of much discussion in our alliance.Thus far, no one has the Aethers to level break a 5* hero in our alliance, so it’s all just talk right now.

Do you focus on breaking the heroes that you are using on your defense team? For me, personally, that’s not something I will focus on.

Will you focus on breaking heroes that some would already consider to be OP (many of the newer heroes) or will you use the Aethers on so-so heroes in an effort to bring them closer to the new heroes? This is something that’s interesting to me. For example, I just recently (finally) leveled my Guardian Kong that I’ve had on my bench for a few years. He was buffed a bit to make him more viable. Then I had a ton of barbarian emblems so I brought him to +19. An alliance mate suggested that I level break Kong to really make his viable in today’s game environment. As opposed to Garnet or Gefjon or my costumed Marjana, for instance.

I’ve run into Cobalt, Krampus, Finley, Gravemaker, Elizabeth and a few others in raids. So maybe folks are taking their best heroes and making them better. I dunno…I’m thinking of going the other way and trying to bring my good but not great heroes closer to great.

I’m interested to hear what everyone else is planning on doing.


Top 5 candidates for each color. I don’t have all these (red is the hardest to come up with 5 IMO):
Blue: Cobalt, Morel, C Magni, Frida, Krampus
Green: Mother North, Alberich, Heimdall, Frigg, Phileas Fogg
Dark: Hel, Onyx, Jabberwock, Afrike, Hannah
Red: Black Knight, C Marjana, Elizabeth, Gravemaker(?), C Elena or C Azlar for tile damage?

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No resets for Limit Breakers so I gotta vote for Heroes that are “timeless” or used everywhere. Those are the Elemental Defense Down ones.


I think my strategy is going to be maximizing the already fortunate staple heroes that I have, for example I’m saving my aethers for Cobalt whether or not it takes me 6 months to get another.

I was fortunate enough to get a Fire 3, so after careful consideration I believe I’m going to take Gefjon to LB once I get another ring, or potentially Elena/Costume or Khagan/Costume. I feel Khagan has gotten very viable with the recent buffs.

Additionally Ill likely do Uraeus or Lidenbrock, potentially Hannah (not completely convinced) or Bera or Hel, and Phileas or Kadilen, with a very small and outside possibility of Lady Locke for the fun factor.

I’d love to see who you all think!

I’m actually closely considering Hel now that I think about it. LB could push her back to prime with a defense tree.

I’m not a fan of pushing Gravemaker because I don’t feel like he’s as timeless as he one was. Gefjon doesn’t appear to be falling out of relevance as the primary red full sniper behind Marj (and I don’t have Marjs costume or she’d be first). I agree with Elena/Costume, I think she provides a lot of utility and running her as fighter you can focus on attack tree and make her bankable for Titans as well. And I just like 155% riposte on costume.

Great choices!

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Voted for elemental defence down heroes in all elements except holy. These heroes will always be useful.

I don’t have C-Leo, but I could LB Jackal first since he is very fast, has an amazing attack stat highly emblemed, and ofc holy elemental def down.

Just an explanation why I didn’t automatically vote for C-Leo. Simply, I find Jackal useful
besides titans where he shines. He is also my favourite 4*.


Jackal is also my favorite 4* yellow, potentially of all. I’ll always be impartial to Boldtusk even though I hardly ever use him. I tend to leave the elementals at 3 or 4/70 unless they’re 5*.

Other potential 4* favorites are Hansel, Sapphire, Proteus, Buddy, Wu.

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I’d like to see who all these “Others” are that are claiming spot 2 in the polls.

Alfrike and Panther I assumed would be top 1/2. Yellow I figure Lidenbrock, maybe Poseidon? Who are the really viable Yellows?
Red C Marj clearly.
Blue Cobalt or Frida, but I’d stick with Cobalt just due to sheer force. Slightly perplexed that nobody said Athena so far.
Green… eh?

Frigg and Odin should be in these polls. They were my choices for “Other”.


I’ll play :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Even though I’m one of the few where this prob isn’t even relevant :laughing:)

No Brainers (imo)


1. Garnet
2. Black Knight
3. Elizabeth
4. C. Marjana
5. Gefjon
6. Zimkitha
7. Emilio
8. Gravemaker

9. Vanda
10. Mitsuko
11. Tyr
12. Lady Loki
13. Puss in Boots
14. C. Azlar
15. Santa Claus


1. Morel
2. Cobalt
3. Finley
4. C. Magni
5. Krampus
6. Skadi
7. Master Lepus
8. Alasie

9. Alice
10. Athena
11. Frida
12. Ariel
13. Miki
14. Lord Loki
15. Bobo


1. Frigg
2. C. Kadilen
3. Toxicandra
4. Heimdall
5. Evelyn
6. Phileas Fogg
7. Kingston
8. C. Lianna
9. Mother North
10. Alberich

11. Francine
12. Zeline
13. Lady of the Lake
14. Eiora & Fluffy
15. Tarlak


1. Guardian Gazelle
2. Drake Fong
3. Odin
4. C. Joon
5. Prof. Lindenbrock
6. White Rabbit
7. C. Leonidas
8. C. Vivica
9. Director Zuri

10. Aouda
11. Poseidon
12. Sif
13. Onatel
14. Faline
15. Devana


1. Onyx
2. Bera
3. Guardian Panther
4. Seshat
5. Killhare
6. Dr. Moreau
7. Jabberwock
8. C. Sartana
9. Lepiota
10. Hel
11. Alfrike

12. Hannah
13. Freya
14. Ursena
15. Kunchen


I’m all about versatility since i’m F2P and rarely do summons, my responses and justifications are:

Morel, defense down with fast speed is super useful, both in defense and atack, even if i had the other options morel would be my choice.

Marjana c, elemental defense down at fast speed is the base of my red mono.

Heimdall / MN / Alberich, in my case is heimdall, his versatility is amazing can use him everywhere, overheal and a chance to revive + slight atack buff is too useful to ignore, same about MN and Alberich, revivers are always a good option.

Alfrike, because she is very good overall, in map stages against bosses, against titans to avoid that long-a*s animation, very fun to play with her (also, i dont have G panther :crazy_face:)

Director Zuri, shes just awesome, good minions + clensing + heal, at decent speed, cant ignore her.

Always givea preference to atack heroes since defense changes all the time, in tourneys with blocked elements or star limitations, better heroes come and goes, the meta chances all the time…

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Gazelle should be on the list. She is amazing everywhere: titans, events, wars, tournaments. Giving her more survivability is the right choice for her owners.


I actually never got her, but encountering her on defense teams, I’ve had little to no difficulty clearing her and save my specials to annihilate her when they coincide with reducing all the opponents mana.

Though I hear she’s more useful on offense. :man_shrugging: Still a decent option.

Some days I’m tempted to LB Salmon Loki and Guardian Owl.

My personal plan will be to LB, at least initially, the heroes that scale with stats with their specials. I love Heimdall but he would probably be one of the last to get aethers because his special does not change no matter what his stats are. He will always heal for 500, increase attack for the entire team by 30%, and 20% chance to rez. Whether hes lvl 80, 85, 1000, this will always be the same for the forseeable future. For this reason, I would most likely not give aethers to any healers initially. My priority for aethers would be the following:

  • Major damage dealers (i.e. Cobalt). These are the heroes you would consider to be finishers with large percentage modifiers on their special attack

  • Elemental defense down heroes. These are universally useful whether its map stages, events, raids, wars, titans. The raw stat boost in attack will always be relevant for these heroes.

  • Versatile heroes that can be taken on attack or defense with scaling special (i.e. Krampus)

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I agree with the rock. LBs should be used on the heroes they will gain the most benefit to their specials and who are more versatile. So for example if I had to choose between cobalt and morel, I’d limit break cobalt because he gets more benefit with his special (higher percentage) and he’s useable on offense, defense, titans, and events. Healers and tanks don’t get that much benefit from limit breaks so it would be a waste of aethers in my opinion.


Out of curiosity why don’t tanks benefit from LB? Whilst I understand their special doesn’t increase a tank’s main mission is to stay alive, LB gives them higher defense and health which helps them achieve their main mission. Kinda the same applies to healers/readers/minionators

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Im with you on this. There are some great heroes whose value, or have specials that, are not stat dependent like Elizabeth, Gazelle, Heimdal/MN… I mean Elizabeths AOE does increase with increased stats but you dont really play Elizabeth for her damage. Same thoughts on heroes that give EDD, MOSTLY you would use them for the EDD skill (of course Fogg, cMarj are exemptions) and increasing their stats dont affect the EDD (unless you are going to argue that by increasing their stats they would live longer?)

Personally, I would LB snipers/damage dealers, particularly more offense-oriented heroes. I am quite happy with where my def team is keeping me at cups-wise. So I do not intend to LB defensive heroes.

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It depends if the higher defence/ health is actually going to keep them alive longer. From my (very limited) testing I didn’t see much difference between hitting a LB Krampus with my Seshat as compared to a non LB version. For that reason I’m not planning on using my LBs on purely defence heroes, but instead those I use in support or on my titan, raid teams or where I have a better chance of competing in tournament etc. Eg my LB costume Kiril now has 5 star stats so can survive long enough now to use his special more often before dying and the damage from my Sapphire will be pushed up another notch. My newly LB falcon will increase tile damage on my titan and event teams to let me score higher there too.

Of course this is for my roster, you may find different advantages with yours

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