Who will i prioritize

Can u pls help me who i will ascend first?
N select team for titans n raid pls. Im new in this game. Thanks

Since you say you are new in this game, I would focus on 4* over 5* heroes - because you might not have the 5* hero ascension materials yet.

You will benefit a lot in raids and titan battles with the two heroes who ram and pulverize.

Grimm and Tiburtus

I’d get one of them leveled up ASAP. :blush:

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Ok thanks. N what about the others like in pink i have rigard merlin tiburtus aeron. Also green kassrek or peter . N also many same colors pls help thsnks

Hi @Coke - I think the worst thing anyone can do in this game is try to level too many heroes at one time. You end up using resources all over the place and without focus. You have nine 4 star heroes that are on their final ascension but not finished to 4/70. Honestly, instead of worrying about which one to ascend next, your top priority should be completing those nine. I know those missing levels may not seem like much, but a lot of these heroes only fully come into their own once they reach their peak. Get those done and update this thread. There will be plenty of people willing to help you figure out who’s next (including me!).


Thanks for the best advice ok i will do that thanks again

Not -that- new given the extent to which you’ve ascended your heroes?

Grimm and Tiburtus could use some TLC. They reduce enemy defence making them killers against titans and in raids. Pick either of the two because their debuffs do not cumulate. In the long run you’ll want both maxed though.

Kashrek is the best 4* tank. If you’re missing a central tank in your defence team, or your current one isn’t too strong, get Kashrek. He’s not that useful elsewhere but shines as tank.

Rigard is my most trusted healer and his cleanse is very handy when raiding. If you have him and Meneldor as your raiding healers, that’s a pretty powerful combo.

Boril is a favourite among many as tank. You’ll like him in alliance wars as well. I’d prioritize Grimm over him any day though.

Skittleskull, I regret every single hero I fed him.

Thanks bertus for the advice ill do it now thanks again mate