Who will ascent first pls help

Pls help who will ascent first?
Peters, colen, scarlett, merlin, grimm, tiburtus, rigard, cashrek. Also aeron n alasie.
Which should i prioritize first? Why?
For raid n titans thanks

Titans: Grimm, Tiburtus, Peters
For titans you should focus first on heroes that increase your attack, decrease foe’s defense and heroes wich have a good attack score and/or debiliting effect. Focus on 4* heroes first and then on your HOTM when you’ll already have a good team.

Raids: Kashhrek (tank)
He is the best 4* tank.


I would focus on one of each color first.

Purple: Rigard, then Tibs or Merlin
Green: Peters, then Kasshrek
Blue: Grimm, then Alasie
Red: Scarlett first, then Colen.
Yellow: (not sure who you have) Wu Kong!!! Then Chao, Jackal, or Li Xiu depending on who you have.

Keep your eyes open for Boldtusk, Caedmon, Sabina, Melendor, and Kiril.


I also g.jackal chao little jhon cyrian delilah

N wukong melendro kiril

For yellow, ascend Wu first, then Jackal.

Good advice guys/girls :slight_smile:
Maybe you can help me too.
Who should I level to max?
Kelile - Little John - Sabina - skittleskull - second rigard - hu tao? Or should I wait? Ascencion items are rare for me (f2p).

Who else do you have, and what levels are They? Also, are you more looking for a defense team, or more focused on raids/titans?

They at 3/60. I have at max Grimm, Chao, Sonya, Gormek, Rigard. Zeline at 3/70. I’m not specifically looking for raid or anything. Just want to improve on every aspect of the game.

If you have the materials to do it, I would ascend Sabina and maybe Kelile. How close are you to having the materials for Zeline?

Also, do you have any other 4* or 5* waiting in the wings?

I have a second Kelile nothing else and I need two more mysterious tonic for Zeline.

Okay. What level is your training camp?

One 20 and the other three on 13.

Okay. Keep the TC 20 running constantly. Other than the ones I’ve already mentioned, take everyone else as high as you can with farmable ascension materials. Save your yellow materials for Wu Kong when he shows up, or for a 5* like Joon. Save your green materials for Zeline.

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That is the plan :v::grin: :+1::hot_pepper:

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