Who was your fav hero of 2020

Who was your fav hero of 2020 ?!
Mine is Heimdall & later Alfrike / Loki arrived in the roster :grinning:


100% Guardian Panther

Honourary Mentions: Vanda, Guardian Jackal, and Almur


I didn’t manage to pull a green Valhalla hero , did get very lucky with Ninjas pulling both Cobalt and Onyx.

My favorite are both dark; Alfrike is fun to raid with and Onyx is the perfect counter for Taunting heroes…


Heimdall because of heal, revive and tankiness.

Runner-ups would be Krampus with rad design and useful taunt, Alfrike for being a timebomb, nice art and nice looking special, and Vela because of her beautiful art and being useful even after umpteenth nerf.


@Lily_frogg : congrats, I too pulled Onyx & cobalt lucky fast & hunt using them :grinning:


For me it was 3 …
Telluria then Heimdall and then Krampus


5* Sif w/ honorable mention for Telluria
4* Gullinbursti w/ honorable mention for Mist
3* Kvasir w/ honorable mention for Bjorn

Been loving season three yellow heroes.

Also, too early to tell on recently pulled heroes Gefjon, Freya, Krampus and Frosty.


Exclusive from 2020:

5*: Lord Loki
4*: Gullinbursti
3*: Grevle

I also have to mention the Hatter and c. Magni, as they’re the regular heroes of my first team.


Favourite heroes that arrived in my roster this year?

Hmm, a year is pretty long time… I think finally pulling Gravemaker in May and unexpectedly pulling Gefjon during Christmas were the highlights. In times of green tank domination these are among the best cards to get.

Second mention goes to Alfrike and Malosi who appeared in a single pull in April. Both amazing in their own way.

Special mention for Costume Magni, Killhare and Mother North.


The first HotM i got this year: Zocc is truly one of the best. I know he is far from perfect, but I rarely get any HoTM (Zocc is the 3rd since I play this game 2 years ago)

This year I also got my 1st and only 5* costume: C.Lianna. she is super great and i like her so much

However the #1 hero for me this year is Killhare ! She make my raid defense strong enough to held 2600+ cups overnight. She is literally a killing bunny.


For me it’s Frigg. Brought my game to a new level.


Got very few 5 * this year. Wallhalla, the only one in the package is Tyr that I have. There were only 2 HotMs and Krampus joined them in December.

My favorite is Clarissa

Fave 4* : Gullingbursti (love that pig!)


Reuben…just because.

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I started the year with just Aegir and the season 1 five stars. Late 2020 I got both Vanda and Gazelle and it is like I’m playing a different game. They change raid matchups soooo much and titans are a lot more enjoyable with Gazelle (bye bye miss miss miss Wu Kong). Realy happy with those and they kept me in the game.


That we summoned or overall? I am answering for heroes released during 2020.

That I summoned AND have managed to use:

  • Sif:
    She brings slow heroes to average speed, leads most AoE hitters to suicide and protects nearby with the 50% damage reduction. She has allowed me to become sloppy in my gameplay with little consequence (not entirely a good thing). She has been a game changer and allows me to bring Mother North on attacking raids (hence the lack of consequences for sloppy play).
  • Brynhild:
    4* mana booster and healer at fast speed. Excellent option for buff booster tournaments with buff protections. Used her with MN initially to excellent effect. 2nd one is being fed emblems now. Really good in war for when you may be outmatched.
  • Mist:
    4* Tournament start. Can almost replace Proteus for 67% mana slow, plus damage plus defense down vs. special skills at fast mana. Yes please.
  • The Costumes:
    Made many SI heroes relevant and turned some of them into elite heroes. Refreshing win / win for SG and players.
  • Telluria:
    Refused to use her and Vela when they were OP, the nerfs went too far and YET, Telly is still fun to use on raids and war. Haven’t used her nearly as much as I should but I do l like her on offense.
  • Freya:
    I was wrong about her when I first saw her card, watched @Razor’s videos and was ready when she unexpectedly popped into my team. Savior in Bloody Battles and the minions are no joke. Her realm bonus is one of the very best for defense, cutting the enemy’s mana upon death.

Some for which I have high hopes but haven’t been able to play with much:

  • Gullinbursti:
    A healer that overheals and does damage. Have to love it, 1st is getting emblems now.
  • Gefjon:
    Just collected the final ring for her. Hope minions are still common by the time she is maxed. Proper sniper, she has one-shot some of my +19 5* heroes when defending!!
  • Lady Loki:
    Can’t seem to displace Zimkitha from raid team for now, when functionally fast she will be promoted, Zim’s elemental link (+4% healing per turn) is so extremely good it is hard to give up, therefore Lady Loki needs to at least match on mana speed. Amazing vs DoT heavy teams. Just one more node for mana boost and she is good to go.

@Eloin : congrats on Gazelle, who was my first 5* & at first didn’t level up as I was a month old in the game… later I saw a video & started leveling and playing her… from lowest till diamond now…

Despite having BK I m still a gazelle player… unable to change :grinning:

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@Sternman : got all except Freya…

Good ones pal.

Congrats, some excellent heroes that also happen to be fun to use. Finest kind of hero.

Gazelle must be fun, don’t have her and don’t expect her but am antelope curious.

And here are mine:

  • Lady Loki - my first non S1 non costume non HOTM 5*, and absolute fun and effectiveness in one package. She made me very competitive against GTV

  • Gefjon - Extremely effective red sniping power. And great fun to steal replicating minions

  • Noor - gave me a lot of opportunity to argue on this forum. Also, did a very solid job protecting my other red heroes

  • Skadi - so much fun. Has made rainbow raiding against Tel viable! And the best part - she i not event maxed yet. I think she is genuinely OP, but won’t be complaining about it…

  • Frigg - at 1/1 at the moment but I assume she will be awesomeness at some point in the near future. My first viable 5* green tank (bye-bye Brynhild!)


@Homaclese : Congrats on some superb heroes in 2020… its the year I started playing E&P, so collected all types of heroes this very year… & I have all your mentioned heroes… slowly levelling them up.

Lady Loki, Gefjon at 3/70
Noor & Skadi, still to start, bcoz, I kept getting heroes in their colour. @ are above … got Glenda, Miki, Lord Loki… who I prioritised to 3/70 speedily…

Frigg is at emblem 6 and is superb… so level up & have fun with her… as I team her up with Evelyn 3/70 to Almur 10 emblems… They work damn well together…

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