Who wants to play Build my Roster!?

I have a dilemma on what to focus on next. Lots of options! Ideas? Defence is currently Finley, white rabbit, ursena, frigg, gravemaker.

That’s a pretty good defense as is. My only suggestion would be to maybe switch out Frigg for LotL so you have a healer there, but that’s debatable. Also, don’t know if you have the Sorcerer emblems for her either.

Maybe Francine for the cleanse? But looking for who to build next or who is worth the mats?

Impressive roster. Congratulation for those heroes.

Lets see.


Mitsuko or Vanda.

Both brings some different to the table, something you dont have at least in red.


I would do Evelyn. Heimdall is nice but you already have a green healer and a green tank in Telluria. So Heimdall is not as high priority as a green nature down hero to me.


Yo have AOE (Vela and Finley), you have elemental ice def down.
Here the options are tougher because im tempted to say max Magni because he would be your only ice sniper if maxed.

But then i dont think you really lack of damage in blue… so maybe something niche but powerful in Skadi?


I would do Malosi here. You already have a strong hitter in Joon so Poseidon is not a priority. You dont have anything similar to Malosi who can shut enterily down those tanks and aliment casters. And hes very fast so its even better.

Dont forget Gazelle one of the best yellows… luckily you have enough darts to do both heroes.


Black Panther to improve your titan score. If not interested in this part of the game… maybe Kageburado

Good luck buddy!

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Purple: Panther, great for other purple hitter, specially for titan and raid
Yellow: Malosi, need blocker for this meta raid, at least for other team over Lady Loky style
Blue: Lepus or Magni or Rafaelle for healer
Green: Evelyn, like Panther
Red: Mitsuko reflect blue is great for raid.

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Thanks for the input. Titan scores are okay, usually between 20-90k. But could be better. Raids generally hold my own but revenges could be better. Lady loki has made a huge difference but I think malosi could help there. I think telluria is ok but not enough emblems to make her really shine on defence. I lose way more cups with her than ursena. I do think I have too many defence down on the team and could branch out…

I realized I have missed tarlak in the green as well.

My Personal Votes:

Green – Evelyn & Francine.
Evelyn will make all your green hitters better. Particularly if paired with Francine (hit 3) and Lianna (instant kill); Francine has a unique cleanse which ends up doing 3x cleanses. This is pretty handy in offence. As a Hit-3 she’ll pair well with Eve & Lianna in attack

Red – Mitsuko > Guardian Kong > Vanda
Tyr is great but missed Gefjon there… would give another sniper which is handy. Mitsuko is great for reflecting back the blue flanks in defence teams (like Vela & Finley). She’s extremely popular for this reason. Plus her mana cut is also great. Guardian Kong gives you both high damage & another cleanse; he also offers protection against blue damage too which is also handy. Vanda will give you rapid ailment protection.

Blue – Skadi
Absolute unit at wiping out minion defence teams… For me a colose second would be Lepus as he pairs really well with Frida… but Skadi first IMO.

Yellow – Guardian Gazelle > Poseidon
Gazelle is an BEAST in offence; able to remove any and all debuffs as well as giving ailment protection & damage reduction to her allies. She’s also handy on war machines, coming out the same as Tarlak in terms of boost provided… but gives the ailment & damage reduction too as a win. Poseidon will give you another point-and-shoot hero in yellow. Malosi is also a contender if you feel you need another counter of the War Defence setups.

Purple – Guardian Panther > Kageburado
Panther is an amazing all-round hero… Great in offence and will do what evelyn does but for purple heroes. Best pairing is with other snipers or Hit-3 allies (like Kage, Victor, Ursena or Alfrike :stuck_out_tongue:). She’ll boost all your purple hitters & tile damage against Titans too. Kageburado will give you another very fast point-and-shoot hero with the added benefit of removing debuffs first. Extremely handy in offence.


@Guvnor Any hints as to why? I am just curious on the logic.

Mostly on the red selection…:face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:

I’ll edit some comments in now.

@Guvnor Thanks for taking the time! I know it must be busy. Appreciate all the advice I have read over the years. Just took time to join.:slight_smile:

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